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If you have login/password reset issues, and you have checked your spam or junk folder, contact AUXDATA SUPPORT at



Recurring Updates

With the completion of the account rollout for the AUXDATA II system, we are now in a regular product enhancement phase of the project.  These production updates will happen approximately every three weeks.  The production system will remain online during these update periods, but members should recognize that system behavior may be temporarily impacted.  Should you experience unexpected system behavior during a maintenance update window, please wait until the maintenance window is closed and try your activities again prior to reporting the problem. The next scheduled maintenance update will be 5 OCT 2023.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) 

When you login to AUXDATA II with your username and password, you will be redirected to a new screen that indicates a one-time passcode is required.  You will be asked to select a method for receiving the passcode - either email or the mobile device authentication app.  It is strongly recommended that for the first passcode setup for newly activated accounts, you select email to receive the passcode.  Users have previously reported issues with using the mobile app for this initial activation.  You will receive an email with a six-digit passcode.  Check your spam or junk folder if you do not receive the email.  Once you have the passcode, go back to the screen with the one-time passcode instructions, select "next", enter the passcode on the next screen, and select "next" again.  Additional information is available in the “Account Activation” overview on the National website AUXDATA II page.  If you do not receive a passcode activation email, or you encounter other login/password reset issues, and you have checked your spam or junk folder, contact


Legacy AUXDATA / AOM has been deactivated as of 17 August 2020.

AUXDATA II SUPPORT Help Desk / Service Requests  

The AUXDATA II Help Desk / Service Request team handles AUXDATA II-specific service requests, or “tickets”, related to member and unit information, facilities and patrol orders, tasks and competencies, activity logs, and reports in AUXDATA II.  The current National Help Desk handles questions from members of the general boating public as well as other issues unrelated to AUXDATA II.  To submit a service request, you must be logged into AUXDATA II.  Click on “Requests”, then “New”, then “Service Request” and complete and save the online form.  As with the National Help Desk, before you submit a service request to the AUXDATA II team, communicate with your unit IS Officer, and review the Frequently Asked Questions, video guides and tutorials available on the National website AUXDATA II.

Recommendations for Improvements / Feature Enhancements       

AUXDATA II is a new system, and it will be continuously evolving and improving.  The Coast Guard has established a process to capture, catalog, validate, and prioritize issues and recommendations received from user feedback, and there is a list of known issues available through the IS chain. If you have a proposed feature enhancement that could improve the system - whether it is something small or cosmetic, or large like a better way to perform a process – submit your proposal to your unit IS Officer for review by the District IS chain of management.  All District-approved recommendations will be passed on to the National Staff for further consideration by the Configuration Advisory Board.