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Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Cybersecurity Directorate. We are responsible for a full spectrum of information and cybersecurity services within the Auxiliary. Our divisions are comprised of complimentary branches staffed by Auxiliarists bringing significant professional experience from the public, private, and academic sectors.

Our Mission
The Cybersecurity Directorate will deliver cybersecurity services to proactively protect Coast Guard Auxiliary information technology assets and services; respond to cybersecurity incidents; deliver cybersecurity awareness products and educational information to Auxiliarists for the protection of Auxiliary personnel, assets, and missions; and partner with U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Cyber Command to plan, staff, and execute cybersecurity augmentation support to the Coast Guard and Marine Transportation System.

  • Cybersecurity Operations: DVC-YX Michael Pflieger
  • Cybersecurity Policy & Compliance: DVC-YC Lenny Davis
  • Cybersecurity Education & Awareness: DVC-YR Jack Givens
  • AUXCYBER Program Support: DVC-YG Dawn Muller
  • Cybersecurity Prevention Operations: DVC-YV Gary Kessler
Joseph Espino
Director (DIR-Y)

Deputy Director Cliff NeveJ. Cliff Neve
Deputy Director (DIR-Yd)

USCG Auxiliary Cybersecurity Awareness Training
All Auxiliarists are strongly urged to remain vigilant against cybersecurity threats and to actively apply strong countermeasures in their personal and Auxiliary activities. ALAUX 037/23 emphasizes the importance, issues a reminder for members to practice good cybersecurity hygiene, and provides a refresher briefing.

USCG Cyber Strategic Outlook 2021
The 2021 USCG Cyber Strategic Outlook charts a path to meet the challenges in the cyber domain. It is organized into three lines of effort that ensure the Coast Guard: (1) is mission ready in cyberspace, (2) protects the Marine Transportation System in cyberspace, (3) and identifies and combats adversaries throughout cyberspace. It specifically calls out leveraging Auxiliary expertise in the cyber domain.

2023 Cyber Trends and Insights in the Marine Environment
The 2023 Cyber Trends and Insights in the Marine Environment report from Coast Guard Cyber Command aims to provide USCG units and port partners with information to identify and mitigate cyber risks in the marine environment.