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Welcome to the Computer Software & Systems Web Site


Our Mission
The inclusive mission of the Computer Software & Systems (C) Directorate is the design, development, production, and maintenance of underlying technologies, equipment and solutions essential to advance U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary duties and missions.

Our Services
The Computer Software & Systems (C) Directorate has designed and developed many of the systems currently used by the U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary. Examples of the current systems and processes developed / designed / managed or maintained by the Computer Software & Systems (C) Directorate include:


Amanda Constant, DIR-C
Amanda Constant
DIR-C, Director
Computer Software & Systems

Carlos Arenas, DIR-Cd
Carlos Arenas
DIR-CdS, Deputy Director
Computer Software & Systems

Carlos Arenas, DIR-Cd
Joseph Espino
DIR-CdC, Deputy Director

  • WOW II or "Pushbutton" Websites
  • Webforms (e.g 7029 Webform)
  • Aux Directory
  • The National Testing Center
  • The Global Certificate Database
  • The National Website
  • Aux Officer APIs
  • The National Help Desk
  • Server Architecture & Maintenance
  • Email Administration
  • Information Security
  • AIRS
  • AAMS
  • and More

Our Divisions
The Computer Software and Systems (C) Directorate is comprised of the following divisions, each with branches containing dedicated information technology professionals committed to carrying out the critical missions assigned:

  • Software Engineering (Vacant, DVC-CE)
  • IT Operations & Systems Support (Miguel Minervini, DVC-CO)
  • Project Management (James Clelland. Johnson, DVC-CP)
  • Cybersecurity Operations (Michael Pflieger, DVC-CI)
  • Cybersecurity Policy & Compliance (Lenny Davis, DVC-CC)
  • Cybersecurity Education & Awareness (Austen "Jack" Givens, DVC-CA)
  • Cybersecurity Prevention Operations (Gary Kessler, DVC-CM)
  • AUXCYBER Program Support (Jack "Cliff" Neve, DVC-CG)