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What is Information Technology in the Auxiliary?

Every day thousands of our Auxiliary shipmates perform their duties. Each of these duties is supported by a system of record keeping, tools, systems, and services developed and maintained by members of the Auxiliary information technology community.

The vast majority of the Auxiliary IT community serves their shipmates directly at the Flotilla level. These Flotilla Staff Officers of Communication Services (FSO-CS) and Information Services (FSO-IS) play a vital role in making each Auxiliarist effective. These members provide a wide range of member services – including information on opportunities to serve,  recording mission accomplishment, counseling on training requirements, and much more.

At the Division, District, and National levels, our IT community transitions from direct member support to envisioning, developing, and supporting the systems that support our membership.

From Flotilla Staff Officer to the National IT leadership, our mission is the same. We support our members so they can efficiently, effectively, and safely accomplish their missions.


Our Directorates

Computer Software and Systems (C)

The mission of the Computer Software & Systems Directorate (C) is primarily involved with the underlying technologies, equipment, and developmental techniques to produce solutions necessary to meeting Auxiliary mission criteria. This department has a number of on going projects that interface and are supported by the U Department such as: WOW (units without webmasters) system; wcms systems; database administration; soap clients; and aux officer. The Computer Software & Systems Department is also the home of the national website division, along with the research & development division.

User Support and Services (U)

The mission of the IT User Support & Services Directorate (U) is to deliver support for Information Services employed to meet the needs of Auxiliary support missions. 

Help Desk Support System

Have a question, or need support? You can submit questions, comments, website errors, or any other type of feedback to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary National Staff via the Help Desk. Look for the National Help Desk in the footer. It's also available from the left hand navigation menu on the National web sites. All website errors, or system errors (such as learning platform, AuxDirectory log ins and more) must be routed via this system.