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About Auxiliary Website Platform Systems

Auxiliary Unit Web Sites

All Auxiliary units (flotillas, divisions and districts) are encouraged to maintain a web site to provide a public presence on the web. These sites can include legacy HTML type sites hosted on the national AIRS server, or commercially hosted on an outside service. Units are encouraged to use the Auxiliary WOW system to host their site.  New AIRS sites are no longer available.

Auxiliary Internet Resource System (AIRS)

While maintaining a legacy HTML site is acceptable, it requires the unit webmaster to be skilled in HTML web site programming. When that webmaster wants to move on to other activities, finding a new webmaster with the required programming skill can often be problematic. New AIRS sites are no longer available.

WOW - Websites Without Webmasters

The WOW system on the other hand allows any member with basic word processing skills to maintain a WOW based web site. In addition, WOW does not restrict the unit to a single webmaster, but allows the FC, VFC, IPFC, FSO-CS, FSO-PA and FSO-PB to all edit the site.

All units have a WOW site on the national server, although by default it is disabled from public viewing until the webmaster Enables the site. See the WOW II User’s Guide for more information.