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Welcome to the Auxiliary Flotilla Leadership Course Web Site

What is the Auxiliary Flotilla Leadership Course?

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The AFLC is designed to provide consistent leadership and supervisory training to Auxiliary members currently serving, or intending to serve as a flotilla elected or appointed leader, and to assist a member’s growth from individual member to becoming a flotilla leader. The AFLC provides and enhances the knowledge, skills and practices needed to become a successful flotilla leader. It is available for instruction online or on-ground (face-to-face) at Auxiliary units by qualified AFLC instructors.

PREREQUISITES: Trainees should be seeking, or presently hold, a flotilla elected or appointed office. However, flotilla members who are not current office holders, but have an interest in holding a future flotilla leadership position are encouraged to complete this course. It is anticipated that most of those who complete this course will be serving in responsibilities ranging from Flotilla Commander to members holding another elected or appointed flotilla office, or providing direct administration of committees, working groups, or teams.

CONTENT: The AFLC is organized into modules that provide instruction on the different aspects of flotilla leadership and administration. The leadership competencies expected of Auxiliary leaders is an underlying element throughout all course modules. The course also provides trainees with comprehensive information on the purpose and structure of a flotilla, the duties and responsibilities of flotilla elected and staff officers, the components of effective flotilla administration, planning and establishing goals, team-building, and member development.

AFLC On-Ground (Face-to-Face) – The AFLC on-ground course is designed to be delivered in approximately one day (eight hours) of instruction. This course is taught by qualified instructors who are experienced in leading Auxiliary units.

AFLC Online – The AFLC online (MOODLE) version is a four-week, instructor facilitated course. It is made up of four weekly modules consisting of video lessons, TED talks, and discussion board activities. Participants spend approximately two hours each week on course activities.

Both the on-ground and online courses share the same instructional content.


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