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Appropriate and effective training of our members is key to a highly evolved, dynamic, effective, and efficient organization. Training enables us to become valuable partners with the Coast Guard helping them meet mission objectives. Also, we meet our commitment to be of service not only to the maritime community, but the community as a whole.

The Training Directorate is committed to providing the best training available, economically, utilizing the latest techniques in multimedia, online delivery of materials, online distance learning, and online self and proctored testing. Available to members are presentations, videos, instructional guides, DVDs, and online classrooms that cover the skills, interests, and qualifications that our members desire or need to have.

Member Training for All Auxiliarists in All Disciplines

Member Training includes all training provided in and by the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary for Auxiliary members. It spans the following directorates: Response, Prevention, Vessel Examination, Public Education, RBS Outreach, Public Affairs, and Training. It includes AUXOP courses, Certification Courses, Public Education Courses, Mandatory Workshops, and Mandated Training. Training sources include Manuals, Power Points, Personal Qualification Guides (PQS), Exams or password protected on-line websites. It is often not clear where to look to find the training material you need or even to know what training is available and what pre-requisites are needed. 

National Member Training Compendium

The T-DIR has implemented the National Member Training Compendium in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Its purpose is to provide a single source for ALL Member Training information. The Compendium has active links for: Manuals, Exams, PQS’s, and Power Points. It includes links to On-Line courses as well. Additional information includes: pre-requisites, AUXOP credits, and instructions to access some of the password protected training websites e.g. AUXLMS, NTC. Information on how to use the Compendium is found HERE. The direct link to the compendium is found here: COMPENDIUM

Committed Professionals

We are a team of committed, volunteer professionals that include educators, media experts, writers and editors, course designers, and leadership experts. The Department is organized into six (6) Divisions: Instructional Services, Advanced Training, Leadership, Distance Learning, Advanced Distance Learning Management, and Training Project Office.

Instructional Services Division
The Instructional Services has a testing and editorial staff that ensures continued improvement in media, examinations, and publications by seeking to standardize the look and feel of our products.

Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training Division team, led by Dr. John Mill, focuses on the Operational Auxiliarist courses, better known as AUXOP, to ensure that the latest policies, procedures, and techniques are continually incorporated, and that the subject matter is presented accurately. This division incorporates subject matter experts (SMEs) in both writing and field-support capacities.


The Leadership Division is headed by Dr. Michael Brzezicki and is responsible to bring to you the very latest in leadership techniques, strategy, and methodology. The Division is staffed by members with years of experience in leadership.

Alternative Training 

The division oversees the Auxiliary Online Classroom and provides support to the National Help Desk.

Advanced Distance Learning Management

The Advanced Distance Learning Management division, headed up by Jonathan Ahlbrand, focuses on leveraging various e-learning and distance learning technologies to deliver synchronous and asynchronous training programs for the Auxiliary membership.

Training Project Office 

The Training Project Office, led by Peter Graham, handles all training project management, administrative support, front-end analysis of new courses, the directorate website, and directorate performance metrics.

Our Invitation to You

We encourage you to browse our site, offer suggestions, and even become a member of our team.

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