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This website has been designed as a one-stop portal for all USCG Auxiliary members looking for information about Auxiliary C-School programs. This site will grow as all C-School program managers post specific school information. The USCG Auxiliary and Commandant (CG-BSX) are dedicated in their support of auxiliary training and want every student have all the necessary information they need.

**Cutoff date for FY 2017 C school’s orders has been moved to 26 June**

Please have your Short Term Training Requests (STTRs) to your DIRAUX by June 22 for ALL remaining 2017 scheduled "C" Schools.

 ***NO ORDERS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER June 26th 2017***


 C-School Calendar

 FY2017 C-School Schedule                       Tentative FY2018 C-School       Schedule

C-School Student Support Sites
AUX-02 Auxiliary Leadership & Management School (AUXLAMS)-Resident Course
AUX-02A   Auxiliary Leadership & Management School (AUXLAMS) – Part A
AUX-02B   Auxiliary Leadership & Management School (AUXLAMS) – Part B
AUX-04 Distance Education Tech Training - Basic
AUX-05A Auxiliary Mid-Level Officer Course (AMLOC)
AUX-05 Auxiliary Upper-Level Officer Course (AULOC)
AUX-06 Auxiliary Aids to Navigation (ATON & PATON), Bridge & Chart Update Training
AUX-07 Auxiliary Senior Officer Course (ASOC) 
AUX-10 Information Systems (AUXDATA/AUXINFO) Training
AUX-12 Auxiliary Public Affairs Training
Operations Department has taken down the student support websites for AUX-14, AUX-15, AUX-17 and AUX-18. Review the Response Directorate, Aviation Operations Division webpage for further information or contact Judith Redlawsk.