Welcome to the Auxiliary C-Schools Web Site


This website has been designed as a one-stop portal for all USCG Auxiliary members looking for information about Auxiliary C-School programs. This site will grow as all C-School program
managers post specific school information. The USCG Auxiliary and Commandant (CG-BSX) are dedicated in their support of auxiliary training and want every student have all the necessary information they need.


  FY2018 C-School Schedule


C-School Student Support Sites:

AUX-02  Auxiliary Leadership & Management School (AUXLAMS)-Resident Course

AUX-02A   Auxiliary Leadership & Management School (AUXLAMS) – Part A

AUX-02B  Auxiliary Leadership & Management School (AUXLAMS) – Part B

AUX-04  Distance Education Tech Training - Basic

AUX-05A  Auxiliary Mid-Level Officer Course (AMLOC)

AUX-05  Auxiliary Upper-Level Officer Course (AULOC)

AUX-06  Auxiliary Aids to Navigation (ATON & PATON), Bridge & Chart Update Training

AUX-07  Auxiliary Senior Officer Course (ASOC)

AUX-10  Information Systems (AUXDATA/AUXINFO) Training

AUX-12  Auxiliary Public Affairs Training

* Operations Department has taken down the student support websites for AUX-14, AUX-15, AUX-17 and AUX-18. Review the Response Directorate, Aviation Operations Division webpage for further information or contact Judith Redlawsk.


ADTRAV standard wording on orders

AUX members are considered travelers of the civilian type.  Civilians, AD, EXT AD, etc. are funded through the CG AFC-56 account.  Since this is the case we must adhere to ALCGPSC 120/16 (  

This policy is also a safe way to book travel without fear of course cancellations or fees that may occur because of cancelled classes, flights, etc.