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Established June 1, 1939

The District CS Team's Mission Statement

The District CS team is committed to making technology a productive tool in supporting team Coast Guard’s efforts to protect, support, and aid the boating public.

To make the District’s website the first place to go to find anything regarding the Auxiliary.

To maintain a showplace where the Auxiliary can show the public what we do and why we volunteer our time to this great effort.

To invite others to join the USCG Auxiliary in our mission to make public boating safe and fun for all.

District CS Team's Assignment of Duty

Who makes up the District CS teams:

At the Flotilla level, Flotilla Staff Officer (FSO-CS)
At the Division level, Division Staff Officer (SO-CS):
At the District level,  Assistant District Staff Officers (ADSO-CS)
And the District Staff Officer (DSO-CS)


District CS Team

DSO-CS Carl Henning (Team Lead, Online Registration)

ADSO-CS Bryce Leinan (WoW Developer)

ADSO-CS/CAL Mike Thompson (District Calendars)

ADSO-CS/EPM Mike Thompson ePostmaster)

 Resources and Links

Image Library for downloading
U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry Directive
Use of Google Calendar Guide download by clicking here
C School for Webmasters - AUX 04 
Short-Term Resident Training Request required when attending AUX 04 C School, signed by FC and submit to DIRAUX -
FORM 7059
WOW II and Legacy Platform Websites
      Checklists and User's Guides
National CS Services
The National IU Department offers support for Branding, Templates, CS Handbook, Website Requirements, Best Practices, and CS Training within C-School - AUX 04. 


 Approved Websites / URL     
   National approval for listing on 
   Flotilla Finder  

    Website Approval Path

National Information Technology

C-Directorate Computer Software & Systems

U-Directorate IT User Support & Services