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Computer Software & Systems

Basic Documents

  • 7029 Webform Walkthrough Guide
  • A tutorial on how to Install and use the Google Drive.
  • Emailing Documents Securely Using Password-protected Zip Files.
  • How to change member information using 7028 Webform.
  • Introduction to the National Help Desk and Knowledgebase
  • Introduction to the WOW: Pushbutton Website Platform
  • Introduction to using Gmail with your email address.
  • Introduction to using Google Docs
  • IS 7028 Dashboard
  • Password Request For AuxDirectory/AuxOfficer
  • Past N-Train IT Presentation Materials
  • Skills Bank - How to Email Merge
  • Skills Bank - How to look up volunteers with certain skills
  • Skills Bank - Skill and Occupation Lookup PDF


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