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What is the Auxiliary Senior Officer Course?

The Auxiliary Senior Officer Course (ASOC) (AUX-07) is a five-day resident course designed to provide effective and efficient training to support the transition to and execution of the position of District Commodore (DCO) and Assistant National Commodore (ANACO). Students must be a current District Chief of Staff or a National Director and meet the requirements of that office as required by the Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G. This course is not available to all members.

The course will be conducted in four parts over a 22-month period:
(1) Workshops at all national meetings (NTRAIN / NACON) (funded by the Auxiliary Association)
(2) Pre-classroom activities
(3) One-week resident classroom session at the USCG Leadership Development Center (LDC) at the Coast Guard Academy (CGA) in New London, CT (funded with AFC-56 Coast Guard funds)
(4) MOODLE classroom activities (over a 22-month period)

This course will:
· Prepare students to positively impact their District and the Coast Guard Auxiliary
· Create opportunities for students to leverage an expanded peer network
· Provide students with an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and their impact on others
· Furnish students with an understanding of how all Coast Guard Auxiliary components work together to accomplish successful missions
· Equip students with the skills needed to tackle complex problems

Topics covered and practiced will include: Protocol, Alignment with National Perspective, Team Building, Budget Process, Disciplinary and Legal Processes, Conflict Management, Strategic/Operational Planning, Communications, and Management Responsibilities.

This course is based the Coast Guard Senior Officer Transition Course and on the structure of USCG leadership competencies, providing alignment with Coast Guard standards as well as the Auxiliary Leadership Framework and Leadership Development Strategy, while addressing the unique training issues facing the volunteer administrator.


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