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Joining the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in District 14 is an unparalleled opportunity to serve your community and country with pride and purpose. As an Auxiliarist, you will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Coast Guard personnel, actively safeguarding our nation's waterways. This role demands and hones critical skills, including navigation, search and rescue techniques, and boating safety.

Your commitment will forge discipline, instill a sense of responsibility, and build unwavering teamwork. You will not only rely on your fellow Auxiliarists but also form bonds of trust and camaraderie with Coast Guard partners—bonds that will last a lifetime.

No matter your experience level, becoming a part of District 14's US Coast Guard Auxiliary is your chance to make a tangible impact. Serve with distinction, master essential skills, and develop qualities that will enhance every facet of your life. Take the leap, join the ranks, and contribute to something greater than yourself.

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 If you get separated from your board, canoe, or kayak, this decal could save your life.  Get one free from Coast Guard Station Maui or any Coast Guard Auxilirist.

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  • NACON-Orlando, Fl (14-18 August 2024)
  • D-Train-Zoom (6-7 September 2024)
  • Boating America Class-Kihei, HI (21 September 2024)
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