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Communication Services

About Communication Services

Posted by: Henry Seiden, FSO-CS

Here we'll let members know what Communications Services is all about.

The CS Staff Officer  (FSO-CS) designs, builds and maintains the web site for the flotilla, essentially the webmaster, in general terms. The basic prebuilt layout of the site commonly used in all of the Auxiliary is called WOW II.It is used on our flotilla web site (you're on it here). There's more to the job than just the web site however. 

If you explore the USCG Auxiliary on the web, you'll soon find that many, if not all web sites are similar in construction and "look" (the navigation bars, the headers and the public nature). This is by design. It was deemed important years ago that all Auxiliary sites have the same or similar look to make their use common among the diverse flotillas so they are both easily navigable and 'buildable'. That design format is called WOW II. AKA, it's a pushbutton simple web site with lots of tabs to 'push' - a web system so simple it's a keystroke away from concept to on line. 

We also handle the technical issues of keeping the web site operational - seeking help from the national organization that maintains the domain for the Auxiliary, etc. I'm soliciting assistants to learn more about web sites generally and the WOW II system of Auxiliary websites in detail. As well, you will find a detailed outline of our web site kept so the users browser and associated crawlers will have better access to our site. 

We have a detailed job description, a knowledge base of the position and a means to get there (Aux Learning-based C School) you can sign up for via independent learning. You can and hopefully will explore these for more information. We can do our own training workshop and/or you can do it on your own. If there a few interested people, I will organize a class for you. 

I'd like to work with you directly and am seeking an assistant to help me on web related matters and learn by doing as an AFSO (Assistant Flotilla Staff Officer). I am looking into getting AFSO's authority to access our web site independently. See the following.  


  1. What is CS about? This is a page that links to a detailed job description with references, the Detailed Job Description with references. You'll also work with your other officers to be a resource for them on topics related - like internet and email communications. 
  2. How do I become trained in using and building web sites in the Auxiliary?  Take a course. The Auxiliary is offering a workshop training course that you can complete at your own speed, much like what is now offered for Core Training - distance learning. In this case it's the Aux-04 training program


If you have an interest in a workshop or becoming an AFSO-CS, see me directly at a meeting or contact via email.