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Meet Bruce Talbot, USCG Academy Admissions Partner


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 Academy Admissions Partner Program (AAPP)

The United States Coast Guard Academy Admissions Partner Program is an all volunteer program which is a force multiplier for the Coast Guard Academy Admissions Officers. Admissions Partners are selected based on geographic need and consist of Auxiliary, Alumni, Cadet Parents, current Coast Guard members, and friends of the Academy. Those selected for the program undergo a thorough background investigation and training program. In addition, Auxiliary members must be in Basically Qualified (BQ) status and must have completed and be current with all Auxiliary Mandated Training requirements. Within the first three years, Admissions Partners are expected to attend additional advance emersion training at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.

Admissions Partners represent the Coast Guard Academy Admissions Officers at:

• High School College Fairs—the primary mission for Admissions Partners. During a college fair, Admissions Partners staff a booth distributing materials, collecting student information, and answering student and parent questions. Partners average three college fairs a year and spend about 3 hours at each event.

• Congressional Service Academy Events—Congressional appointments are not required for admission to the Coast Guard Academy; however, as one of the national service academies, Admissions Partners are invited to Congressional service academy events. Admission Partners usually deliver a short presentation and meet with prospective cadets, their families and Congressional staffers. Partners average one Congressional event per year and spend approximately 3 hours at such an event.

• High School Visits—Admissions Partners are expected to visit local high schools to establish a relationship with counselors and coaches, and to conduct special presentations for small groups of students such as STEM or JROTC classes. High school visits can vary widely from a few minutes to six hours in length.


JROTC classroom presentation at Riverdale High School

• Community Outreach—Admissions Partners can staff information tables at community events such as Coast Guard Station open house, local boat shows, youth organization conventions, and other community events where students who may not be aware of the educational opportunities of the Coast Guard Academy are likely to attend. These events are optional.

• Prospective Cadet Interviews—Interviews with prospective cadets are an important part of the application process and are often conducted locally by Admissions Partners. After an approximately 45 minute interview, Admissions Partners file a write a report to the Admissions Office. Total time per applicant is about 2 hours.


Bruce completed application interview and is with Cadet at the USCG Academy

• Appointment Presentations—Each spring, Admissions Partners are asked to make academy appointment presentations at high school graduation or award ceremonies. These formal events usually require a brief speech as part of the presentation. These events usually take about 2 to 4 hours.

• Academy Introductory Mission (A.I.M.)—Each summer Admissions Partners help staff the academy summer program for high school juniors. Admissions Partners stay on the academy grounds in New London, CT for one week working 12 hour days assisting academy staff with the high school student’s logistics.


More information regarding the USCG Academy Admissions Partner Program can be found  by clicking here