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Vessel Safety Checks

The mission of the Vessel Safety Check organization is to support Job #1, Recreational Boating Safety, assigned to the US Coast Guard Auxiliary by direct interaction with the boating public through vessel safety exams and the resulting conversation and educational opportunities that ensue from that interaction. The vessel examiner has the opportunity to educate the boaters about proper equipment to have on board (required and recommended), how to use that equipment, the wearing, fitting and use of PFDs in accordance with state and federal requirements, classes on boating available to the public and complying with state and federal regulations in that area. Additionally, the vessel examiner through their direct contact with the boating public can encourage boaters to join the Auxiliary and point out the benefits boater's gain from membership and participation in the auxiliary.

This mission is a critical component of the RBS mission because, through its various components, it can help in reducing the number of accidents and fatalities during the boating season by its focus on safety and boating knowledge. Additionally, that knowledge can provide boaters with increased confidence and encourage boaters to help others enjoy the water safely. The direct contact also provides an opportunity to improve the public’s awareness and appreciation for the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard missions by positive relationships attained during the vessel safety exam process.



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