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[R] Response

Air Station Cape Cod

The Response Directorate is responsible for the administration of the Auxiliary's:

Air Operations
Education Training
Surface Operations programs

In 2009, the Operations Department was re-named the Response Department to better indicate the relationship of this unit to its counterparts in the active duty Coast Guard. Each of the program responsibilities in the Directorate is represented by a specific Division, Aviation, Surface Operations and Telecommunications. The Operations Education Division handles training projects, website maintenance and information for the Directorate as a whole.

USCG Helo Operations


Flotilla 2-8 is well represented in both the Auxiliary Surface and Auxiliary Air Operations (AuxAir) programs. AuxAir is a District program, for those interested in Air Operations the D1NR AV Qualification Guide outlines the sequence to get involved. Surface Operations are implemented at at local flotilla level and include over five Flotilla 2-8 surface operational facilities (OPFACS). 


Surface Operations


Auxiliarists can become Boat Crew or Boat Coxswain qualified to participate in a variety of surface operations activities including Auxiliary augmentation of the local active duty forces.