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Learn how to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary

Since 1939, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has served as the uniformed civilian component of the Coast Guard. The men and women of the Auxiliary volunteer their time, aircraft, VHF radios, and boats to support the U. S. Coast Guard.  As a member of this team, an Auxiliarist engages in most Coast Guard missions such as air and water search and rescue, disaster relief, recreational boating safety, marine environmental safety, communications watch standing, and helps facilitate other USCG operations. Participating in Auxiliary activities and missions provides a member with opportunities to develop new friendships as well as boat handling, marine communication, aviation, and navigation skills.

Some of the opportunities that are available to you in the Auxiliary are noted in this video.



BE A VITAL MEMBER OF TEAM COAST GUARD. You will have the opportunity to participate, at a level tailored to your personal capabilities, in the missions of the U. S. Coast Guard (except for law enforcement and military action) by selecting and engaging in one or more of the Auxiliary’s major programs.  These include surface and air operations, radio communication watchstanding, public education, marine safety, vessel safety examinations, environmental protection, and Coast Guard administrative support.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OF NEW SKILLS. The Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Coast Guard have training programs and courses to improve your skills in operational and recreational boating safety, other specialized activities, as well as administrative support and leadership.  There is a learning opportunity to fit almost any interest.


SERVICE TO COMMUNITY AND FELLOWSHIP. As a member of the Auxiliary, you will be working with the Coast Guard in serving your community by saving lives and property at sea, assisting vessels in distress, and promoting safe and responsible boating and environmental activity.  Whether in meetings, training sessions, on patrols, or at family social events, you will enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of fellow Auxiliarists.




Flotilla 2-5 operates out of and in conjunction with Coast Guard Station Boothbay Harbor, Maine. We have the privilege and responsibility of working alongside the active-duty men and women stationed there. Unlike many flotillas, we regularly train with the active-duty Coast Guard and often share patrol responsibilities with station personnel while covering an Area of Responsibility that extends from Cape Small to the southwest to just East of Monhegan Island including the navigable extent of the rivers in between. We serve the  mid-coast area boating public by performing Vessel Safety Checks, offering Boater Education Classes for basic and advanced skill levels, and through Operational Patrols to assist in CG missions and duties including Search and Rescue (SAR). You will see us at local Marine Events such as regattas, lobster boat races and the annual Boothbay Harbor Windjammer Days and numerous shore-side events.

There are learning opportunities if you have an interest in becoming a better, safer, more knowledgeable boater. The CG Auxiliary provides Navigation, Communication and Weather training as well as air operations and the Boat Crew and Boat Crew Coxswain training programs. If you like to teach, the CG Auxiliary is the nationally recognized authority on Recreational Boating and Boating Safety. We offer numerous courses to the public on various boating topics.  Flotilla 2-5’s Member Training mirrors the training received by the active-duty Coast Guard in virtually every respect, so you won't be bored, and the skills you acquire will be second to none. While much of the training occurs at the flotilla level, members may apply to attend multi-day, residential, intensive training in areas of specialization, often alongside active-duty CG personnel. This type of training is not available to the general public and is another benefit of CG Auxiliary membership.



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