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Boating Courses Offered By Flotilla 2-5

Boat America: 

This boating certificate course meets Maine’s requirement that boat operators born on or after January 1, 1999 must have competed the Boat America course approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators in order to operate a boat over 25 hp on inland and coastal waters. Our instructors for the course are experienced boaters who provide additional insights about boating in the midcoast Maine area.

Navigating Mid-Coast Maine: 

The nuts and bolts of basic marine navigation, weather, course plotting and voyage planning are covered.  Students get an in-depth look at the many planning factors to help ensure a safe voyage including weather and sea state.  The course utilizes the local area nautical chart, and students will come away with an understanding of Latitude/Longitude, chart structure, symbols, navigation aids, and differences between paper and electronic charts.

Sailing Skills and Seamanship:

Want to improve your sailing skills?  Then Sailing Skills and Seamanship is a course for you.  It is designed for both experienced and novice sailboat operators. Topics include types of sailboats, equipment for your boat, how a boat sails, reading the wind, points of sailing, sail controls, running close-hauled, reaching, and sail adjustments.  Basic maneuvers of tacking and jibing are explained along with picking up a mooring, leaving and approaching a dock, and anchoring. In addition, aids to navigation and an introduction to the rules of the nautical road are covered. 

Six - two hour sessions (twice a week or once a week)

Paddle Sports Safety: 

Rowing, canoeing, and kayaking are great ways to explore Maine's beautiful coastline.  Oar and paddle craft are easily transported and launched most anywhere.  It does not take long to get underway and out on the water.  Some knowledge about basic paddle craft skills can help you get back safely.  Do not underestimate our lakes, streams and coastal waters because water temperature, wind, and strong currents can cause problems. This introductory course presents information needed to operate paddle craft.  Knowledge and skill make trips much more enjoyable and safer.  Materials developed by the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the American Canoe Association are provided. 

Two - two and a half hour sessions

Suddenly in Command:

Safe boating requires planning and preparation as well as careful operation.  Steps to take minimize boating problems and basic emergency procedures are covered.  Topics include pre-underway planning, developing situational awareness, understanding how boats handle, VHF radio introduction including how to get help in an emergency, Coast Guard required safety equipment and regulations, and accident assessment and reporting.

One - four hour or two - two hour sessions