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COMO Karel Kester

 COMO Karel Kester, ANACO-RP

The Response and Prevention Group includes the Directorates that manage the operational programs of the Auxiliary. Those include:

 The Response (R) Directorate – which manages the Aviation, Surface Operations, and Telecommunications programs.  It also has an Education & Training Division to support the other Divisions of the Directorate.

The Prevention (P) Directorate -  which oversees two major Auxiliary programs,  Navigation Systems and Marine Safety. Marine Safety includes Commercial Vessel Activities, Port and Facility Activities, Prevention Outreach and Communication and Outreach.  Navigation Systems includes the Aids to Navigation Verification and Chart Updating programs. 

The Incident Management & Preparedness (Q) Directorate – which helps the Auxiliary remain “Semper Paratus”, prepared and ready to assist the Coast Guard.  They also manage two important readiness tools, the Skills Bank and the Auxiliary Incident Management system, provided by Everbridge.

The International Affairs (I) Directorate – which is composed of two distinct, but closely related, teams: the International Outreach team (Formerly International Affairs) and the Interpreter Corps. 

Strategies for Success

In support of the NACO’s vision and the Auxiliary Strategic Plan, the RP Group is working, together with the Districts, to implement the Strategies for Success, described in NACO Guidance #8. Additional information about this plan and its implementation is posted on the AUX/CG Interaction page.