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Welcome to the International Affairs Web Site

Welcome to the International Affairs Web Site

International Affairs Directorate



The Auxiliary’s International Outreach (IO) program has three primary roles.


  •  Build relationships and improve information sharing amongst volunteer civilian Search and Rescue (SAR) organizations around the world.
  • The second is to help build the maritime safety and security capacity of partner nations by assisting them in forming volunteer SAR and auxiliary coast guard organizations on behalf of the U.S. Coast Guard. International Outreach personnel assist existing volunteer SAR and maritime auxiliary organizations in developing other programs such as Vessel Safety, Recreational Boating and Environmental Education, Search and Rescue and Maritime Domain Awareness.
  • Coordinate and provide Auxiliary support to U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Defense (DoD) Geographic Combatant Commands’ international engagement and theater security cooperation and assistance activities and exercises. This may include provision of planning, administrative, logistical, and instructor support to major exercises, Subject Matter Expert Exchanges, and attendance at international conferences.

Sven Dobler

Director I Directorate 


 Drew Wilkins

 Deputy Director I Directorate

 Currently, International Outreach is working with 24 countries around the world. The most active areas are in the Pacific Area with increasing activities and the Caribbean where 20 countries have volunteer SAR groups and a number of others are forming.
Countries that have decided they want to establish a civilian volunteer SAR group and would like more information on how to start such an organization can make a request for a SMEE (Subject Matter Expert Exchange) through their local U.S. Embassy’s Office of Security Cooperation or Military Group.
Coast Guard, DoD Commands or other members of the interagency community interested in Auxiliary IO support should contact the Director of International Affairs.




  •  To provide the USCG and the Department of Defense capable, qualified and competent language interpretation services for international mission requirements. At present, the Interpreter Corps has 357 interpreters qualified in 42 different languages. We arrange for the selection and deployment, of interpreters within the US or abroad, under orders.
  • To provide the USCG and the Department of Defense document translation capability. This enables the agencies to develop training materials or translate Public Affairs notices and documents in foreign languages.




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