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The Mission of the Human Resources Directorate is to provide comprehensive, timely, and accurate personnel information to the members of the Auxiliary via two primary goals. The first goal is to emphasize core values and expected standards to develop highly effective members that adhere to the core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. All must stand ready to serve as sworn members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Cultivating leadership skills and succession management within elected and appointed officers is the H Directorates second goal. Succession management is the key to developing exemplary teamwork and leaders. The H Directorate strives to nurture the leadership culture and training continuum to support succession planning throughout the Auxiliary.   


The Human Resources Directorate is one of three directorates within FORCECOM. It is composed of nine divisions and thirty one branches, each of which provides specialty services to the National Staff Directorate, Membership, and Coast Guard.


Todd Monis - Director Human Resources Directorate

David S, Mc Artin - Deputy Director Human Resources

Joseph J. McClelland Jr. - Deputy Director Coast Guard Support



"Tuesday Night Live" Webinars Introduced

The Human Resources Directorate announces the formal introduction of a national resource tool for recruiting.

Individuals expressing interest in joining the Auxiliary can take advantage of a Webinar designed specifically for their needs.  The "Tuesday Night Live" program will be offered the first Tuesday night of every month to provide items of interest to potential applicants, and to offer them a dedicated opportunity to have their individual questions answered.  

Two specific sessions are scheduled and prospective members can choose between either Webinar depending upon their own personal schedule or time zone.

Atlantic Area Session - 1900 Eastern Time - First Tuesday of every month
Pacific Area Session - 1900 Pacific Time - First Tuesday of every month


New Member Course and Core Training

  Course is now available at the following