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The Human Resources Directorate is one of three directorates within FORCECOM.  It is composed of seven divisions and twenty-three branches, each of which provides specialty services to the Directorate or to the membership of the Auxiliary.

The Mission of the Human Resources Directorate is to provide comprehensive, timely, and accurate personnel information to the members of the Auxiliary via two primary goals. The first goal is to emphasize core values and expected standards to develop highly effective members that adhere to the core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. All must stand ready to serve as sworn members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Cultivating leadership skills and succession management within elected and appointed officers is the H-Directorate's second primary goal. Succession management is a key to developing exemplary teamwork and leaders. The H-Directorate strives to nurture the leadership culture and training continuum to support succession planning throughout the Auxiliary.

Everyone is a Recruiter

Captain Mathew Bell Jr.
Deputy Commander, Personnel Service Center

The Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (PSC) supports mission execution by recruiting, accessing, assigning and developing careers, maintaining well-being, compensating, separating and retiring all Coast Guard military personnel.   A presentation was given at NTRAIN 2016, to request Auxiliary collaboration in furthering the recruiting goals of the Coast Guard, in conjunction with our efforts to increase Auxiliary membership.  

The emphasis on the program is for Auxiliarists to continue their volunteer efforts, but simply add a "The Coast Guard is Hiring - Contact your Local Recruiting Office!" message in our activities.  This can include adding recruiting information slides at the end of our Public Education courses, providing brochures and pamphlets at boating show booths, and making a concerted effort to refer potential Coast Guard applicants to the nearest Coast Guard recruiter.  

You are invited to reach out to your nearest Coast Guard Recruiter to begin working together.  Please explore the menu option to the left as we continue to develop this resource to support your efforts.


New Member Course and Mandated Training


 Course is now available at the following


N-Train Presentation

Mentoring HRD Overview


AP Status

First understand everything we do is governed by Federal law and the Commandant’s Instructions for the Auxiliary. Auxiliarists in Approval Pending (AP) status still have huge opportunities to train and qualify in virtually any program in the Auxiliary.

New members:

  • Are issued Member Numbers
  • Vote  
  • Pay dues
  • Wear the uniform of the Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • Serve on committees
  • Take any and all Auxiliary courses
  • Take any and all end-of-course exams associated with these courses

New Members in AP Status:

  • May train and qualify in any program of the Auxiliary just as other Auxiliarists in IQ, BQ, or AUXOP status other than for coxswain, aviation certification, citizenship verifier or fingerprint technician.
  • Until a new member receives a favorable security determination, aviation and boat coxswain certification will be limited to interim certifications, which may be granted by their DIRAUX
  • Until a new member receives a favorable security determination, elected and staff officer positions will require an interim waiver granted by their DIRAUX

It is important for you to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do some homework. Your officers and flotilla shipmates should find mentors to assist you with your tasks.  Be proactive and work with them and familiarize yourself with the Auxiliary Manual.  Being a member of the United States Coast Guard team carries the responsibility of completing required training and obtaining a favorable personal security investigation (PSI). This applies to every Auxiliary member from the newest to the National Commodore.  

It is easy to take on too much at first; focus on being proficient in one program at a time. When your favorable security determination comes through you will no longer be required to team up with a fellow member who is already IQ, BQ or AX. You will be able to represent the Coast Guard and Auxiliary on your own at boat ramps, public affairs events and so much more.  You will also be able to help mentor others in the wide variety of Auxiliary activities.
Further details and information are available in the on-line Auxiliary Manual at: , and in the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) at:

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