Support Services

Support Services

Support Services Division


Evan Robertson
DVC-HC, Division Chief


Support Services does just what the Division name says- our services support the Human Resources Directorate (HRD). We work on the website maintenance keep the HRD webpages updated with information. One of those tasks include keeping the open National positions webpage updated with the current vacant positions though out the National Directorates. We’re here to help staff National positions and make the right connections in referring good candidates to the National Directorates.


The Support Services Division also creates videos on the HRD YouTube site: We are in the process of creating mentoring videos on different Auxiliary programs (ex. Boat Crew, Vessel Examiners, etc) that members can use in their areas. 


Developing and maintaining programs to assist in the professional development of Human Resource officers is another job for Support Services. These programs are focused on personal development of the HR officer in the fields of recruitment, retention, professionalism, benefits, or other discipline affecting membership growth or status.


We also keep a library and update all of the HRD publication forms. These forms cover different policies and protocols for HRD and can change frequently. Maintaining updated information on these forms is a top priority to ensure the HRD Divisions circulate the most current information to Auxiliary members.  



Administrative Services

Lyn O'Leary,
Branch Chief BC-HCA 



Phil Horlings,
Branch Chief BC-HCN

Branch Assistant BA-HCN

Professional Development
Michelle Zeig 
Branch Chief BC-HCP



Donald Lindberg,
Branch Chief BC-HCM


Talent Bank Staffing

Michael Smith,
Branch Chief BC-HCE



Branch Chief BC-HCW





Support Services Publications and Resources


Support Services Overview Presentation 


HRD Publication Revision and Formatting Guidelines