Everyone's a Recruiter

Captain Mathew Bell Jr.
Deputy Commander, Personnel Service Center

At the Auxiliary National Training Conference in St. Louis, MO in January, Captain Matthew Bell (Deputy Commander of the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center) and Captain Rob Smith (Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard Recruiting Command) delivered a presentation to the Auxiliary's National Board that emphasized the importance and value of Auxiliary support of the Coast Guard's recruiting program.

The Coast Guard's "Everyone Is A 
Recruiter (EIAR)" campaign is now underway to help identify and recruit the best candidates for the best military service - the U.S. Coast Guard. The targeted age range for these candidates is 17 to 27 years of age. The Auxiliary is an integral part of this campaign, and is being turned to for help in generating Coast Guard recruitment leads and referrals.

In general, the best direction that Auxiliarists can lead prospective 
Coast Guard recruits is toward the Coast Guard recruiting web As part of the EIAR campaign, Auxiliary flotilla, division, and regional leaders are also strongly encouraged to reach out to proximate Coast Guard recruiting offices in order to get to know each other, possibly receive limited recruiting literature and incentive items that help recruit new Coast Guardsmen, and to collaborate with regards to public outreach opportunities. Coast Guard recruiting office locations and contact information can be found in the "Find a Recruiter" section of the Coast Guard recruiting web site

Limited supplies of recruiting materials provided by the Coast Guard Recruiting Command have begun arriving at the Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC). These materials will be carried on the ANSC inventory available for order by Flotilla Commanders (FC) and Flotilla Staff Officers for Materials (FSO-MA). Materials should not be ordered unless absolutely sure that they will be used in full and timely manner. Four types of materials will be available: 


(1) Coast Guard recruiting business cards (these are the most effective
recruiting tool due to their simplicity and direct message).

(2) Coast Guard Roles and Missions brochures.

(3) FAQ brochures.

(4) 9/11 GI Bill brochures. 

The Coast Guard Recruiting Command has also advised that there are still many outdated recruiting materials in circulation, specifically items with a "1-800" or "1-877" telephone number on it (e.g., pencils, tablecloths, etc). The Coast Guard Recruiting Command no longer uses any such telephone numbers...only the web site. Any legacy recruiting materials with phone numbers on them must not be distributed but rather disposed of.

The Coast Guard is calling on all members of its family to support the Everyone Is A Recruiter campaign...and the Auxiliary is a vital and cherished member in this effort!  You are invited to reach out to your nearest Coast Guard Recruiter to begin working together.  Please explore the menu option to the left as we continue to develop this resource to support your efforts.