District Human Resources Officers

Wed, 24 Apr 13  


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District Staff Officer- Human Resources (DSO-HR)

The DSO-HR is a member of the District Commodore’s Staff and is charged with the oversight of all Auxiliary sponsored Human Resources activities within their District.
The DSO-HR, with the concurrence of the District Commodore, may choose to delegate assigned duties to an ADSO-HR (Assistant District Staff Officer for Human Resources).
The DSO-HR will complete any additional District Duties, as assigned.
DSO-HR Duties:
           a). Establish and maintain positive contact with all HR Officers in their District. This includes all Division and Flotilla HR Officers. The DSO-HR will endeavor, as time allows, to visit each Division at least once a year. Advanced notification of this “visit” to Division Chief of Staff should be made.
           b). The DSO-HR will ensure that appropriate information pertaining to the Human Resources program is passed to all HR Officers in an expeditious manner.
           c). The DSO-HR will encourage all HR Officers to be pro-active in matters of Recruitment and Retention. The DSO-HR ensures that all necessary information regarding these essential areas are available and understood by each HR Officer. The DSO-HR will coordinate and promote all Nationally sponsored initiatives in their District.
           d). The DSO-HR will provide necessary training and workshops designed to enhance the membership the District/Division/ Flotilla.
           e). The DSO-HR will solicit monthly Reports from each SO-HR regarding activities that have been worked on, are presently be worked on and are planned in the near future.
           f). DSO-HR will create a Monthly Report, based in part on the Reports received from each Division and upon her/his activities using the same criteria. This Report will be forwarded (as directed) to both the District Chief of Staff and the DVC-PR.
           g). The DSO-HR will participate, as directed, in the Annual Dues Collection Drive to prevent disenrollment of members for nonpayment of Annual Dues.
           h). The DSO-HR will receive and distribute all National Membership Referrals as is appropriate. The DSO-HR will work with the National Recruiting Center to ensure the Referral is distributed in a timely and appropriate manner.  Assistance may be rendered to HR Officer receiving the Referral as necessary.
           i).  The DSO-HR will complete all necessary Membership Requests/Transfers/Notifications/Awards (Growth) in a timely and professional manner. This includes National Forms as well as District specific forms.