AuxFS Documents

The documents contained on this page are for informational purposes only and are intended as learning tools for students wanting to participate or whom are already participating in the Auxiliary Food Specialist Program.

In order to gain qualifications for this program, the AuxFS Course will need to be taken and Performance Qualifications must be signed off by an appropriate verifying officer prior to submittal to the district chair. No waivers will be granted for any of the PQs.

Duty Resources

AuxFS Chain of Leadership 

Assignment to Duty - General Need to Know Information

Hepatitis A Vaccine Support (National)

AUXMAN Changes related to the AuxFS Program

AUXMAN Changes related to the AuxFS Grooming Standards

AuxFS Deployment Guide (3-16) - for Cutter in port and out of port duty

Documents for AuxFS (In-Training) Members

AuxFS PQs (11/22/2015)

ALCOAST 300/15: Auxiliary Food Service Health Screening Information 

AuxFS Personnel Health Screening Form (Appendix E of COMDTINST 12792.3A) 

AuxFS Training and Qualification Guide (APR 2014)

Coast Guard Food Service Practical Handbook (COMDTPUB P4061.4) 

Documents for AuxFS (Current) Members

Health Screening PQs (2015) 

Documents/Resources for AuxFS Training Instructors 

AuxFS Training and Qualification Guide (APR 2014)

Coast Guard Food Service Practical Handbook (COMDTPUB P4061.4)

Coast Guard Food Service Manual (COMDTINST M4061.5A)

AuxFS Information Sheet (.doc)

Courtesy and Protocol Information

Recommendation for AuxFS Instructor (National document) 

AuxFS Certificate of Class Completion - (Accessible by current AuxFS District Chairs and above only)

Sanitation Information

AuxFS Sanitation Powerpoint Slides (.pdf)

Clorox Bleach Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (.pdf)

Viewing the AuxFS Sanitation Powerpoint Slides without the webinar presentation does not count for yearly sanitation training. If you would like to know when the next Sanitation Webinar will be, please click here.  


Uniform Information 

prep uniform auxfs 

white chef 

work uniform