Food Services Program

What is the AuxFS Program?

 The AuxFS program enhances Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary mission readiness, effectiveness, and execution by providing food services support to Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary units by:

• Promoting and maintaining food service in galleys, floating and land based deployed facilities. 
• Supporting (Ready Volunteer Force) of the National Strategic Plan (2012-2016).
• Growing and maintaining a trained and ready staff to support Coast Guard operations.

All AuxFS members have been trained using the Coast Guard Approved Auxiliary Food Services Guide. Training includes both classroom lectures and hands on work. Standardized performance qualifications are required to be completed within 1 year of the initial AuxFS class. Hepatitis A vaccinations and medical screenings are also required. A yearly sanitation class and 2 year team coordination training class (TCT) is also required. No waivers will be granted, no exceptions. 

Auxiliary Food Services Branch Chiefs serve as points of contact for Auxiliary Food Service (AuxFS) and Auxiliary Leadership to provide information or guidance regarding participation in authorized AuxFS programs. BCs promote the AuxFS program through the Auxiliary Chain of Leadership and Management and other means of communication to the current membership and prospective members. Each district is supported by AuxFS district chairs. The appointed district chair is the point of contract for all district AuxFS operations. Districts may be further segmented to sectors, depending on the size of the district and resources. District AuxFS Chairs support both Coast Guard and Auxiliary Food Service operations in the District. This includes the organizational assignment of staff by assigning trained staff to support the requested event.

Division Chief of Auxiliary Food Services 

  Paulette Parent   

Paulette Parent, DVC-HA










Branch Chiefs of Auxiliary Food Services

Atlantic East
Atlantic West

Barry Chapman, BC-HAP  

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