Food Services Program

What is the Auxiliary Food Service Program?

 The Auxiliary Food Service (AUXFS) program enhances Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary mission readiness, effectiveness, and execution by providing food services support to Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary units by:

• Promoting and maintaining food service in floating and land based facilities. 
• Supporting the Coast Guard National Strategic Plan.
• Staffing a skilled staff to support Coast Guard operations.

All AUXFS members have been trained using the Coast Guard Approved Auxiliary Food Services Guides and instructors. Training includes both classroom lectures and culinary skills work followed by a standardized performance qualification completion within 1 year of the initial class. Medical screenings and Hepatitis A vaccines along with a yearly sanitation and team coordination training are also required. Due to strict guidance from the Coast Guard, no waivers will be granted under any circumstances.  



Division Chief of Auxiliary Food Services

Paulette R Parent - DVC-HF

The division consists of three Branch Chiefs (BC) who represent the first line of national staff leadership to each of the auxiliary districts throughout the nation. Each auxiliary district is represented by a District Staff Officer - Food Service (DSO-FS). 





Contact Food Services Branch Chiefs:

  Atlantic East - Noreen Schifini (BC-HFE)

 Atlantic West - Carolyn McClure (BC-HFW)

Pacific - Barry Chapman (BC-HFP) 

Administration - Norm Campbell (BC-HFA) 

Publications and Media - Don Hunt (BC-HFM) 





18 MAR 2018

The Annual AUXFS Sanitation Update is now available at the Coast Guard Auxiliary Online Classroom.  You can take the class at your convenience. Once you have mastered the material in the class you should then take the test discussed below.

There is a twenty-five question "test" that you must take to meet the annual update requirement. Passing the test will record your completion of the annual update.   The test must be passed once each calendar year. 

When you pass the test, you will have the opportunity to print out a passed test certificate for your records and your participation will be recorded automatically. DSO-FSs will have access to the participant roster.   If you have questions please contact them. 

Remember:  Passing the Annual AUXFS Sanitation Update test is required for you to continue serving as an AUXFS.  

In order to access the update, go to the following link:  or copy it into your browser.

From the On-Line Classroom Home page select Courses from the Navigation menu on the left and then select  Human Resources.  Select AUXFS Sanitation Training 2018 Update from the course list.  You will then logon and take the class.

Proceed to the National Testing Center at the following link:  or copy it into your browser.

After you pass the test you will print out a passed test certificate for your records and the information will be forwarded to your DSO-FS.

Thank you for being a part of the AUXFS Food Service Team!