Coast Guard Academy Admissions Partner Program

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Coast Guard Academy Admissions Partner Program

Jeannemarie McNamara

BC-HGI, Branch Chief 

 The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is the smallest U.S. service academy, and offers qualified applicants a four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program with a curriculum heavily oriented towards math, science and engineering. Students receive a full scholarship. Graduates serve a five (5) year Military commitment after graduation. Admission to the Coast Guard Academy is competitive, with applicant’s nation-wide. No congressional appointments are required. This Academy provides a structured, military regiment and competitive athletics, in addition to academic programs.

Who are Academy Admissions Partners? We are volunteers for United States Coast Guard Academy Admissions Office, located in New London, Connecticut. We recruit, interview and assist in recommending candidates for admission. Currently there are 244 USCG Auxiliary Admissions Partners; Auxiliarists comprise 30% of the total Admissions Partner group.
Partners attend college fairs, congressional sponsored service academy events, and present appointments certificates at graduation award ceremonies.
Outreach Partners make visits to high school guidance counselors, coaches, civic organizations and community youth organizations, as well as math and science teachers.
Partners may visit with prospective cadets and their families to share information about the admissions process and the student experience. They also conduct interviews with qualified applicants in their local area. All these venues present an excellent opportunity for Academy Partners to act as Academy representatives and good will Ambassadors for the Academy’s benefit.
The week long Summer Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) Program is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities for college-bound high school students who are interested in the experience of a U.S. Coast Guard Academy Cadet. Students participate in a program that challenges their self-discipline, physical stamina, commitment to service and capacity for teamwork. The AIM Program is one of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s largest recruiting efforts. Five hundred of the most qualified high school rising seniors are selected for the AIM Program. Each applicant must be a U.S. citizen, a junior in high school and be between 16-18 years old when attending the program. They should be in good health and condition – able to run, do push-ups, sit-ups and handle Connecticut’s heat and humidity during the summer.
The opportunity for Auxiliarists to participate in the Aim Program as an Academy Partner is priceless. Selected Admission Partners assist the Active Duty and Reserve members of the Coast Guard during each AIM Week. They help by standing watches in the Operations Center; assisting engineering sessions, acting as duty drivers and helping wherever else needed.
Auxiliarists interested in becoming an Academy Partner should visit Click on “”Steps” to becoming an Academy Admissions
Partner” and you will be guided through the application process. If there is a need in your area and you are qualified, you could become an official partner, possibly after attending mentored events. Once certified, designation in the Auxiliary is as an Assistant Branch Chief” with 2 stripes and the AAP Badge. USCG Auxiliary applicants must be in the BQ (Basically Qualified) status for consideration. 


The mission of the Coast Guard Academy Admissions Partner Program, Academy-Aim Division (DVC-HI) is to facilitate communication between the leadership and management of the Coast Guard Academy and the national leadership of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. This is facilitated by contact with the Academy’s Office of Admissions relating to Auxiliary participation in the Academy Admissions Partners Program. 

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How to Report Academy Partner and Auxiliary Activity