Student Reviews

If you have attended the Auxiliary Upper Level Officer Course (DCAPT) be the first to submit a review to Dean Wimer

Aux Assoc. – well presented, fully detailed info on the Association

This is probably the best training course I have taken.

Start with why also very good

Conflict resolution – this is the area that I had the least amount of knowledge.

Better understanding of the job responsibilities. I am very much in favor of homework before the class. The reading list was also good.

Allowed lots of questions and answers.

This class was better than I expected.

Selling the “Why” is the best lesson due to it will shape my ability to sell change in the future 

Meeting most of the DCAPTS in one place at one time has given us the opportunity to learn from each other, build friendships to the instructors. Awesome job! 

Instructor COMO Seibert teaching about the Auxiliary Association was Excellent!! The first time truly having an idea and understanding of what the association really is all about. Thank you!

I have been in the Auxiliary for fifteen years and I thought I knew what the CGAuxA did, but I was wrong. Learned a lot that will be shared!

Instructor McElroy - Start with Why - Great book which will be shared with the DCDR’s!