Mission Statement

The Auxiliary Upper Level Officer Course (AULOC) is designed to provide the leadership skills and knowledge to support the newly elected District Captains transition to leadership and away from management, to execute of the duties of District Captain. It serves also to prepare national directors for their leadership role.

 Vision Statement

Students should be able to use this knowledge to transition into the newly elected leadership role of District Captain to assist their Division Commanders  to be successful coordinating Auxiliary Flotilla future missions. The objective is to develop skills based on the 28 Coast Guard leadership competencies.  National Directors will develop leadership skills necessary for their successful mission completion.


Attendance & Participation Requirements

Once enrolled in AULOC, students are required to attend the full instructional session of the course and actively participate in activities and discussions during course presentations.

Students are expected to complete the pre- and post-course assignments as a requirement of course completion and in order to receive a certificate of accomplishment.