Course Syllabus

The Auxiliary Upper Level Officer Course (AULOC) is adapted from material taught in the USCG Senior Leadership Principles and Skills (SLPS) Course and the Mid-Career Officer Transition Course (MCOTC) and is taught by Coast Guard trained auxiliary instructors.  It is based on the 28 Leadership Competencies, which lay the foundation for all leadership skills necessary to successful leadership in the Auxiliary.

This three-day resident course is held during the National Training Meeting (N-TRAIN) in January.

The Auxiliary Upper Level Officer Course uses a variety of instructional methods to deliver and demonstrate effective leadership techniques appropriate to the senior level of the Auxiliary. The course includes pre & post-residency assignments.

The course is based on a structure of USCG leadership competencies, providing both alignment with Coast Guard standards, the Auxiliary Leadership Framework and Leadership Development Strategy (revised 2011), while addressing the unique training issues facing the volunteer administrator.

Course Topics:

Leading Self
Accountability and Responsibility
Personal Conduct
Technical Proficiency
Health and Well-Being
Leading Others
Effective Communications
Influencing Others
Team Building
Leading Performance & Change
Vision Development and Implementation
Decision Making and Problem Solving
Conflict Management
Leading the Coast Guard Auxiliary
Financial Management Innovative

Course Features:

Students demonstrate their knowledge of each competency through the use of skill checks, daily tests, demonstrations of their ability to implement their use through interactive exercises, and a capstone event.

Instructing for skill transfer: Instructors challenge and support students as they apply course learning to prepare for their transition into the office of District Captain.

Diverse student cohort: Students learn from each other as much as they learn from the instructors. Through homework, assignments and networking during the session students learn to work together to complete assignments as a team.