Attending AULOC

attending AULOC - AUX-05 (501064) 2018

From: Commodore Dean Wimer BC-TLU

To: Newly Elected District Captains and appointed National Staff @ (Dir) level.

AUX-05 (DCAPT) COURSE # 501064.

1. As  newly elected upper level officer (DCAPT)  or selected National; Staff @ (Dir) level (who have not previously attended), you are need to attend the 2018 AULOC (DCAPT) Course # 501064.

2. You have already demonstrated the leadership skills and management ability to
function at the upper level in the Auxiliary. The course focused on transitioning from management to the executive strategic level of Auxiliary leadership. It is designed to increase your leadership skills and prepare you to bring to bear, the tools needed  and be prepared for the issues you may expect to encounter. Presenters of the DCAPT Course are distinguished Auxiliarists who have walked in the "shoes" of  executive level officers, or served in senior executive positions in industry or the government, or are acknowledged experts in the field of their presentation material.

3. The AULOC (DCAPT) Course will be conducted at NACON, Sunday 19 through Tuesday 21 August 2018. Travel days will be Saturday 18 August  and return Wednesday 22 August 2018

   a. Pre & post-classroom activities will consist of several on-line training assignments to prepare       you for the resident session and to encourage you to plan implementation  of the skills learned.
   b. On-Line assignments must be completed prior to arrival at N-TRAIN or following return to       home unit..
   c. Each on-line assignment will be graded by instructors and returned to you with comments.
   d. It is suggested that you request that your District purchase the reading materials for the                  course. Titles will be provided to you with this document, so that you can start immediately!
       d.1 Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action//Simon Sinek -              - Used $4.91
      d.2. Service Etiquette/Oretha D. Swartz                      Cherlynn-Conetsco/dp/1591143578 - used Prime $4.50 -general used from $0.3414.

In order to maximize the benefit of the classroom setting, you will need to arrive in the "fully underway" mode. Your pre-classroom tasks need be completed as assigned, so that you will be ready to participate fully in classroom discussion groups, exercises and presentations as a result of your pre-classroom preparation.

5. The resident classroom portion of AULOC is scheduled in Orlando, during NACON. We will meet Sunday 19 August through Tuesday 21 August. Your travel day to NACON should be Saturday 18 August. Please make all the necessary arrangements to reserve those dates on your calendar now.

6. The AULOC presenters are working hard to deliver a meaningful and beneficial experience to you at NACON. Your point of contact (POC) can be reached at 503-435-7946 or 503 472 1569   or for any questions related to your attendance at this course. In addition, for the majority of you, your District Commodore, Immediate Past Commodore and your District Chief of Staff have experienced AULOC, when it was referred to as AMLOC-DCAPT and can be a valuable resource for you.

7. There is much work for you to do, starting now! Please complete the Short-Term Resident Training Request Form CG5223 (STTR) and submit it to your Point of Contact (POC) as soon as possible.  DO NOT SUBMIT TO YOUR DIRAUX!  Send it to along wiith your DIRAUX e-mail address.  Your point of contact (POC) will assure that you will be entered into the class roster and will forward the STTR to your  DIRAUX for approval and entry into Direct Access for order production.

In your STTR be sure to note in remarks, that your information is or will be in Direct Access for travel order notification in preparation for your attendance at AUX-05 in 2018. The session at NACON is a "C" School and funded with orders and instructions from Chief Directors Office

8. Attendance at this course is highly recommended so you can take advantage of this opportunity to fine-tune your skills to ensure a successful term of office. If you decide not to take part, let me know immediately.