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If you are an elected officer, and plan to appoint a new IS officer in the near future, you should suggest that the future IS officer take the next available AUX-10 course. Current IS officers who have not attended the AUX-10 C-School within the past five years, should also attend the AUX-10 at their earliest opportunity.

AUX-10 completion is one of the considerations when a DSO-IS recommends an IS officer for AUXDATA data-entry access.

   Next 2018 AUX-10 Classes:

  21 - 24 JAN 2018  -  ST LOUIS, MO

Note that this class is full.  The current budget authorization runs through 19 Jan 2018.  Notification of planned classes after January 2018 will be announced as the budget allows. 


AUX-10 Class - Louisville, KY - June 2015


The AUX-10 C-School is for training Auxiliary Information Services (IS) Officers. The first half of the class instructs topics important to be an effective IS Officer. The second half instructs the student on how to do actual data entry into AUXDATA.

DSO-IS officers should assess the need for data entry personnel in each of their Divisions. The DSO-IS coordinates with District DIRAUX to make sure that potential C-School students are either current IS officers, or prospective appointments by their FC or DCDR as IS officers.

Uniform of the day per Coast Guard C-School Directive – Tropical Blue (TROPS) for Instructors and Students. If student does not have a complete and proper TROPS Uniform (no dickie slacks, black tennis shoes, etc.) they may not attend Coast Guard funded C-Schools.

Students must bring a Wi-Fi capable laptop computer to use during class (tablets, such as iPads are not acceptable). Loaner computers are NOT available at the C-School - you must bring one with you if you want to attend this class. Prior to class, each student will be given read/write access to the AUXDATA Training Data Base. Before departing home for the C-School, each student must test logging on to AUXDATA and test their ability to generate PDF & CSV reports. In addition, they must complete the pre-class assignment distributed to them.

Upon receiving Travel Orders to attend AUX-10, students must follow the provided instructions to guarantee lodging with a personal credit card. Commercial air travel must be booked  through ADTRAV - 800-576-4781 or 205-745-3823 - as specified on your orders.

Students must attend all sessions, complete all assignments (generating reports and entering data into the Training Data Base) to get credit for the course. Except for St Louis MO Jan 2018, class hours are Friday 0800-1800; Saturday 0800-1800; Sunday 0800 - 1800; and Monday 0800 - 1200, and travel will be on Thursday, and returning home on Monday after 1500. Specific travel requirements will be specified on your orders.

NOTE: AUX-10 is an intense learning experience. Only students attending all sessions, and completing all assignments will be given credit for completion of AUX-10. IS officers need to have an understanding of all mission activity and codes, proper use of forms, certifications and re-certifications, and other general knowledge to be an effective subject matter expert to assist elected officers, appointed staff, and members in reporting their valuable time contributions.

Due to the high level of knowledge required to be an effective IS officer, it is highly recommended that attendees have a minimum of 2-years membership in the Auxiliary prior to attending this C-School. Please consider your length of time in the Auxiliary, mission experience, and basic computer skills before applying for this class. 

We have recently started a mentoring program for students scheduled to attend AUX-10.  Please contact your SO-IS or DSO-IS for further information.