Student Reviews

A lot of info in three days but all came together.  Huge benefit from large cross section of Auxiliarists with varied experience levels..

Anonymous – Honolulu, HI

One of the great things about this training was that there actually did seem to be a bonding that took place and I certainly felt that with you Dave. But then I felt it with everyone. Don’t get me wrong, we all are very different people. I am sure that if we talked long enough there might be things we would disagree on. But, that is what makes this whole process interesting. I am sure that the assignments have all had different points that were made and approaches taken. What I do think is probably true, however, is that all of us had a holistic element of caring in our take on leadership. This training was one of the best I have had in the Auxiliary because Tracy, you and your team allowed us to explore different tacks and ideas that probably mucked up your lesson plan. All I know is it worked for me. I really do hope to see my classmates again and Dave I do hope to get out on the water with you so that you can teach me about these boats that use something besides wind to get around. Please stay in touch, both of you. Some day we should have a class reunion in some seedy bar that befits our reputations. 

Bill S. – Novi, MI

The class was awesome, and the new friends met are always rewarding. Great Instructors, and the sessions given where great. Compliments to all.

Robert R. – Phoenix, AZ

I will definitely recommend this course to others.

Anonymous – Orlando, FL

With only 26 months in the AUX and being a brand new FC, I had attended approximately 20 different CGAUX classes (including things likeTCT, annual updates, ICS, AUXLAMS, etc.) this is without a doubt the best class I have had the opportunity to attend.  Although it was originally designed for new DCDR’s and VCDR’s, and only recently made available to FC’s, this is a great program.  I learned a lot, gained many new friends and colleagues and would strongly encouraged ALL new FC’s to actively pursue a slot in a class as soon as possible.  Thanks for putting on an absolutely great class!

Joe S. - Tinker AFB, OK

My favorite part was sharing sea stories and collaborating on solutions.  Always helpful to work on those networking skills.

Anonymous – Alameda, CA