Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the Auxiliary Mid-Level Officer Course?

The course has been re-developed around the US Coast Guard Senior Leadership Principle and Skills (SLPS) material based upon the work of James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner and their THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE material. The leaders that we hope to attract to the sessions are the following in Priority Ranking-  

Priority 1   (P1)- DCDR’s; VDCDR’s; FC’s* (2nd year W/ AUXLAMS Certificate)

Priority 2* (P2*)- FC’s First Year; DVC’s; DSO’s; VFC's W/ AUXLAMS Certificate

Priority 3* (P3*)- All other Auxiliarists with AUXLAMS Certificate  

  *= MUST have AUXLAMS Certificate

If you fit the prerequisites and feel the need to attend an up-coming leadership training session follow the following guidelines and make your application. There are a limited number of FUNDED quotas and as with all C School sessions it is first STTR entered into Direct Access, first verified quota used. The goal is to close the classes ASAP so orders can be issued and instructions to the students given. Please let your leaders know that this is URGENT to get done ASAP.

 Are there any course prerequisites?

This course has pre and post work that needs to be completed before attending and after attending for course credit to be given.

There is a minor cost for the Participants Guide.  Students will be given the locations to get their materials printed or they may do so themselves at home. There are approximately 50 pages of printed material. Costs range from $5.00 (Office Max/Depot using Auxiliary discount card) to $15.00 FEDEXDOC STORE.

 How do I apply to the Auxiliary Mid-Level Officer Course?

To help make the process as easy as possible all applicants must adhere to the following guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed your acceptance to the class will be in jeopardy. Read the directions completely.


Member must have a priority of P1 or P2 ranking and submit their Certificate for AUXLAMS completion with the STTR to DIRUAX. P3* will be determined on a case by case basis for funded quotas.  A funded student will need to prove a distance greater than 51 miles from the training
venue. Use MAPQuest to get the distance from your home to the training location if you live within the general area of the training. If a student wishes to attend the session but lives within 51 miles of the training site they will need to do so as “local/ non-funded” (See below).

ALL applicants must submit STTR (ANSC 7059) to Sandy DeLaughter,  BC-TLM, , prior to sending through the Chain of Leadership and Management. Email  address

Complete STTR

1- Date

2-  A



5- AUX

7- AMLOC-05A / 501805

8- Flotilla

9- Member # 

10. Point of Contact - FSO/SO-MT or FC

11. Phone # for Box 10

12. Training location- Check C school schedule 

15. Priority code- See Priorities prior 

16. Days - 3

17 First Choice - Select only this. NO others on this form.

18. Positions held- Current and past

19. Leave Blank

20. Years in service-



Members wishing to self-fund or who have their division or district fund may attend as well. These following must be done to receive these non- funded orders.

Local Non cost orders are kept on a separate spreadsheet for the session attendance count. This will help speed up the order processing for the session by breaking you out in the beginning.

SUBJECT LINE- NON-FUNDED REQUEST-AMLOC 05A session location and date

The reason for this new procedure is to 1. Speed up the order issuing from TQC, and 2. Give the instructors the information they need to contact the students prior to the class for assignments. This should enable all to have a much better C-School experience. Once your application is received your application you will receive a notification of receipt pf your information and the ranking on the list that “is”maintaned by the BC-TLM. Once the class is filled and your application is placed on the DA list It will be vetted and you will be contacted as to your status in the applied for session.  Once you apply for the session that time should be set aside for the C-School. We lose thousands of dollars each year and quotas for the following years because of drop outs.

 What if I have questions about the course?

If you have questions after reading all the material on this web site contact the AMLOC-05A Branch Chief Sandy DeLaughter at

There is an opportunity to learn from your fellow DCDRs , VDCDRs and FCs from around the country and to share common experiences as leaders. You are not alone but the ties that bind have many different colors and the Auxiliary Mid-Level Officers Course 05A is where you can come and grow as a leaders by sharing with others your experiences as they share theirs with you.