PB Tools

Resources for PB Officers

  Here are tools and resources for Publication Officers.  

PB Officers Guide
Here is a copy of the Publication Officers Guide released in 2008 rel 2. The 29 page PDF document goes into producing, sending, and what and what not to put into your unit publication.
Photography/Video/Audio Consent Release
Direct link to the Photography/Video/Audio Consent Release on the National forms website.
USCG PA Stylebook 2009
The purpose of this information is to standardize the use of words, phrases, titles, names, etc., that are frequently written in Coast Guard releases, captions and stories. In Adobe Acrobat format.
Metadata Overview
Meta Data is information stored inside another file like photo's, video, and music and is is used to document details about media file. This document instructs the reader to the proper use of meta data. In Adobe Acrobat format.
Online Dictionaries
Extensive links to dictionaries. Foreign language dictionaries, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and 260 more. Grammar dictionaries. The top ten specialty dictionaries in English, including business, computing, cooking crafts, finance, genealogy, humor, law, medicine, sports, and more.
Assignment Editor
This newsroom contains extensive links to references, including 1400 U.S. and World newspapers, breaking news coverage guide, news wires, network news, weather, search engines, photo search, research, law resources, politics, government directories, law enforcement, travel information, aviation, white pages, yellow pages, area codes, zip codes, maps, time/zones, international white pages, yellow pages, and international calling codes.
Facts & Reference
A reference site that includes reference tools, including almanacs, calculators & conversions, census & demographics, dictionaries and thesaurus, encyclopedias, maps, quotations, style and writing guide, facts search desk, top news, breaking news, weather, help and advice. Other subjects include philosophy, social sciences, language, applied science, history, and geography.
Language Translator
Online translation software, allowing translation between any combination of English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and more.
Grammar & Writing
Maintained by Professor of English, Charles Darling, for English courses at Capital Community College in Hartford, Connecticut. A guide to grammar and writing includes word & sentence level, paragraph level, essay & research paper level, and PowerPoint Presentations. There is a link to the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary.
CG Auxiliary Diversity Policy
Here is a copy of the CG Auxiliary Diversity Policy in PDF format.  It is available on the Senior Leadership website.

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