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 23 June 2014


On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, I would like to offer my personal thanks to each member for your faithful service to our fellow citizens. Thanks also to your families who shared your time. Time and talent are the most valuable things a volunteer can offer, and we are immensely grateful for the unselfish sharing of your time by all those who are a part of your world. Our success is also due in no small part to the support of our partners without whose financial and cooperative commitments we would not be able to succeed. Together we are the best- trained, most valued maritime volunteer organization in the world!

Our history is replete with the service of the Auxiliary to our nation. Those who served before us pointed the way and set the course of excellence in all we do. The Greatest Generation linked arms to help keep our coasts secure when the Auxiliary was in its infancy. They taught boaters how to go about their activities safely, thus enabling the regular Coast Guard to concentrate more on direct law enforcement and military operations. We carry on that proud tradition, teaching classes, performing vessel safety checks, visiting marine dealers, participating in boat shows, public affairs functions, and utilizing our facilities on safety patrols on the water, in the air, and on the airwaves. We support the regular Coast Guard more than ever before in marine safety, food service, medical, engineering, watch standing, and a myriad of other areas for which we are trained and qualified.

We do these things willingly, for we know that what we do saves lives. With our service we know that our fellow citizens are able to more safely enjoy their time on the water without adverse incidents thanks to our efforts. This is our heritage; this is our purpose. This is the charge given to us by all those who have so ably served over the last 75 years. We will steadfastly maintain the traditions passed to us by those thousands of members who wore the khaki and Coast Guard blue over the years. We will rely on those traditions of our predecessors to give us strength and provide a course line when the going gets tough.We will continue to be Semper Paratus as the Auxiliary has been for 75 years.


Tom Mallison

National Commodore



 Commodore                                   Chief of Staff

           Commodore Roger Johnson                                      Chief of Staff Frank Gumataotao         

Our Vision Statement

 As the world’s premier volunteer organization, we are proud and dedicated to promoting boating safety.  We meet the challenges of making our waters safer for all boaters, and we enjoy doing it!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a group of proud, dedicated, and highly trained volunteers, with emphasis on promoting: Environmental safety and protection through education, Boating safety through education and vessel safety checks, Team Coast Guard by assisting in program areas that require Auxiliary support. and, Coast Guard support by providing surface and air facilities to the operational program.


Our Values:

 Safety is first
 Integrity, honor, respect and devotion to duty
 Pride and satisfaction
 Treating our members right
 Appreciation and recognition of our members
 Camaraderie and fellowship
 Quality training
 Broadening our horizons
 Giving back to the community
 Excitement in what we do

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