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District 14 Fall Leadership Conference
11-13 September 2015
Marine Corps Base Hawaii - Kaneohe Bay
Fall Leadership Conference Schedule
District 14 Auxiliary Board Meeting Agenda
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The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed, all-volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard. The Auxiliary was created by an Act of Congress in 1939, and has grown to over 32,000 members who daily support the Coast Guard in all its non-military, and non-law-enforcement missions.

Auxiliary members conduct safety patrols on local waterways, assist in Search and Rescue, teach boating safety classes, conduct free vessel safety checks for the public, provide boating safety literature to dealers, as well asmany other activities related to recreational boating safety.

While District 14 is one of the smallest Districts in number of Auxiliarists, it is the largest in terms of area of patrol responsibility. Over 460 Auxiliary members work alongside 1,150 Active Duty, 150 Reserve, and 80 Civilian members of the Coast Guard to serve an area of 12.2 million square miles of land and sea including Hawaii, American Samoa, Saipan, and Guam. In 2014, nearly 37,000 hours of volunteer service were performed by District 14 Auxiliarists.

Our Vision Statement:

As the world's premier volunteer organization, we are proud and dedicated to promoting boating safety. We meet the challenges of making our waters safer for all boaters, and we enjoy doing it!

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to build a group of proud, dedicated, and highly trained volunteers, with emphasis on promoting: Environmental safety and protection through education, Boating safety through education and vessel safety checks, Team Coast Guard by assisting in program areas that require Auxiliary support. and, Coast Guard support by providing surface and air facilities to the operational program.
District 14 Commodore
Commodore Frank Gumataotao
District Commodore

District 14 Chief of Staff
Larry Ankrum
District Chief of Staff

Jackie Ary
District Captain - Response

Denise Ankrum
District Captain - Prevention

Commodore's Message

As the incoming District 14 leadership, Larry Ankrum and I deeply appreciate your commitment and hard work in making the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary the premier volunteer organization. We just completed a listening tour of Division One. Our District recently sustained a membership loss of approximately 100 which runs counter to the national trend where we are holding position. The reasons for this decline are numerous, but are not indicative of our passion or commitment for the Auxiliary - they are merely a natural cycle of an organization.

All organizations have a life cycle. Initial stages are marked by membership growth. Expansion marks the next stage. Decline comes as members lose interest, age, relocate or pass away. Whether the organization eventually enters a new growth cycle is a factor of leadership. We are at the tipping point where the conversation needs to be about assessing the needs and resources of our membership while charting a course of action that promotes energy and vitality to encourage new growth. To this end, we are working on communications, concentrating upon basics and realigning programs to strengthen our Auxiliary. While a reduction in membership is adverse, it signals the need to re-focus and rely on our greatest asset - which is our members. We challenge you to think about what aspect of the Auxiliary drew you in initially and focus on applying your talents and initiative to pursing and advancing that passion. We also need to apply this same principle to mentor, attract, and retain new members. If we can achieve this, we will thrive and our enthusiasm will be contagious - this will reverse the decline.

We are living in decremental budgeting times, but this has not and will not reduce our impact on outreach and recreational boating safety across the Pacific. In order to maximize our effectiveness, we need to refocus and distill our reasons for continuing participation. This is our challenge: the dialogue is not about lack of funding but about teamwork. The good news is that the Auxiliary continues to excel in our missions regardless of funding resources. This is because our level of membership commitment is not a factor of dues, fees, or costs of uniforms. Our people thrive on their patriotism, support for recreational boating, and enthusiasm for volunteer lifesaving. This is why Larry and I want to concentrate on the basics - the promotion of interesting meetings, close collaboration with the gold, continued training, and a high level of collegiality. The fourth cornerstone of fellowship can be an effective catalyst for renewal. All of this is important as we maintain operations that continue to be a quality force multiplier for our United States Coast Guard. Our District can experience regrowth so long as we continue to work together and emphasize our common vision for support of our Coast Guard shipmates. We wear our uniforms with pride in the storied tradition of the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary.

We look to 2015 to be a period of renewal as we reach across the Pacific in service to our country. As Auxiliarists, we are most fortunate to be a part of an enduring legacy. Larry and I thank each and every shipmate for giving us this opportunity to serve at the District level. It is our wish that 2015 be a pivotal year for all of District 14. Semper Paratus!