Flotilla 16-6 What's New!

New Member Checklist


 If you are interested in joining us in the Oklahoma City Flotilla, below is a checklist of the items you will need to complete. We can provide you with the fingerprint cards upon request to the Flotilla Commander or Human Resources Officer.

New Member Checklist 

Help Wanted - Paddlesporters


Are you a Paddle boater?
Do you want to help your fellow boaters?

Paddlesporters are the fastest and largest group of boaters today. For those of you who are hard core participants, you know what the term means. For those who are not, they are Kayakers, Canoe enthusiasts and the Rafters, plus all the other type of self-propelled watercraft.

This year, the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary’s focus has fully moved to getting the message out to all our brethren on the water, specifically the Paddlesports. We have joined forces with the American Canoe Association and others to develop specific courses just for the Paddlesports.

If I were a true-blue diehard kayaker, canoeist or rafter, I’d be saying “What do a group of gas guzzling, blue-water sailors know about us? They don’t even talk our language!”

Well, you may be partially right, so how do we go about fixing that discrepancy? Who is best to perform and educate a Paddle boater? Who speaks your language? The answer is one of their own. That’s right, you the member of the Paddlesport community!

That’s why we’re seeking Kayakers, Canoeists, Rafters and other non-traditional boaters to help us. We want you to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary and be part of the proud tradition of service to our Country, the Coast Guard, and all our recreational boaters.

If you are located in the Oklahoma City Area, you can contact us at or 405-706-4768 between 4 and 9 PM (Central).

Outside OKC, how do you start? Visit us at and use our Flotilla Finder ( Call us at 1-877-875-6296.