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Congratulations to Sully and Joanie For Passing Their QE Day !!!!

                Sully Is Now Crew Certified And Joanie Recertified!!!




                                     Up coming Boaters Safety Classes





                                   Finest Hour Movie After Action Report






 June 19, 2015

                                           UNCLAS //N05224//
                                              ALCOAST 249/15
                                            COMDTNOTE 5224
1. The Coast Guard Innovation Program is excited to share the launch of the Enterprise Common Ideation Platform, ECIP Connect.  ECIP Connect is a tool that is being prototyped to replace the legacy Innovation database.  Rather than a passive tool that only receives information, ECIP Connect is a new crowd-sourcing tool designed to invite any Coast Guard member (active duty, civilian, reservist, Auxiliarist) to participate in Service "challenges" from anywhere, at any time, on any device.
2. ECIP Connect is designed to promote and strengthen the Services commitment to foster a culture of continuous innovation and learning. The intent is to demonstrate the value of a proven crowd-sourcing platform that supports innovation through real-time information sharing and engages the workforce to help solve the Services strategically targeted challenges.
3. ECIP Connect provides a positive and empowering experience where participants can voluntarily review challenges, submit possible solutions, and collaborate with other members of the workforce by voting, supporting, and influencing the best ideas as they are offered, advance toward possible prototypes, and potentially becoming implementable solutions.
4. The prototype period for ECIP Connect will run from now until 19SEP15.  This period will be used to conduct research and influence the Innovation Program redesign.  Participation from all Coast Guard members is highly encouraged as we collectively shape the future of the Innovation Program. Participation is voluntary.
5. If you would like to participate in this prototype and join the growing community of Coast Guard innovators, please visit to register and learn more on how you can advance solutions forward.  Note: "www" is not required in the website address.
6. For additional questions related to ECIP Connect or the Coast Guard Innovation Program, please contact Innovation Program Manager, LCDR Thomas (Andy) Howell, 202-372-4587, Thomas.A.Howell(at), or innovation(at)
7. Ellen Engleman Conners, Director of Governmental and Public Affairs, sends.
8. Internet release authorized.
2.  The purpose of this list is to keep Auxiliarists as well as all other interested parties abreast of current developments, policies, manuals, etc.  All information contained herein and linked is OFFICIAL policy and Information.
3. Internet Release and Distribution is Authorized.
4. CG-BSX sends.    




                       Welcome to the Auxiliary Communities of Interest

Today you have the opportunity to join in our new on-line moderated forums, the Auxiliary Communities of Interest.  Just as our Flotilla, Division, and District events bring us together to share best practices and discuss challenges, these new forums allow us to extend our communities across the Nation, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to become more effective Auxiliarists.

Between now and NACON in August we will pilot the Auxiliary Communities of Interest program by launching six communities representing program and focus areas across a broad cross-section of our activities.

●     Flotilla Leadership

●     Information Services

●     Public Affairs

●     Public Education

●     Marine Safety

●     Vessel Examination

Based on what we learn over the next few months we expect to better define, organize, and extend our communities by the end of the year.

To access the Communities of Interest use your Member Zone login at the following location:

The communities exist for you to ask questions, share best practices, and build relationships with other Auxiliarists from across the nation.

There is a code of conduct that lays out the expectations of members on the Communities of Interest. Please review this code of conduct ( before you post.

In summary:

DO: Follow the core values - Honor, Respect, & Devotion to Duty. Collaborate for a better Auxiliary. Stay on topic. Pause before you post. Flag potential issues to the community management team rather than responding directly. Have fun.

DO NOT: Post personal attacks or post on topics better managed via the chain of leadership and management.

KNOW: You are responsible for what you post -- regardless of any other member’s post. The community management team will err on the side of caution when moderating these communities - posting on the communities is consent to this moderation.

This pilot program is a significant milestone in the Auxiliary Communities of Interest element of the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan ( The communities themselves are only one way in which we are working to make your experience as a member better and help you navigate to being an effective Auxiliarist.

Please join us in building these communities.

What is CURRENTS? CURRENTS is a live document published regularly electronically with links to valuable information for every member, including links to National Events.   Auxiliary Leadership links - New Programs - National Commodore's messages and information for and from the member are its goals. Go to it by clicking:







R 221530Z MAY 15
UNCLAS //N03500//
ALCOAST 224/15
SUBJ: VIGILANCE DURING COAST GUARD OPERATIONS 1. Its been almost one year since I assumed the duties of Deputy Commandant for Operations. In that year, I have seen first hand the tremendous work you perform conducting difficult and challenging operations in the most demanding of conditions.
2. Unfortunately, in the last nine months, the Coast Guard has experienced 11 Class B and 2 Class A mishaps in the Cutter and Boat Forces Communities.  These events have resulted in the permanent partial disability of colleagues, the loss of cutter/boat asset hours, and a reduction in operational readiness.  These incidents underscore the dangerous nature of our missions.
3. My primary responsibility is ensuring that you are able to safely and effectively perform all the various missions that you are called upon to execute.  The fundamental principles that guide our operations from the top all the way down to the most newly reported Seaman Apprentice are the principles of risk management and on-scene initiative. These must be understood and practiced.  When we speak of risk management, we are not implying or assuming that risk can be managed to zero.  We work in complex, dynamic, and often dangerous environments that demand acceptance of warranted levels of risk. We can reduce mishap occurrence and severity by renewing our focus on aspects of manageable risk mitigation, not only at the outset of every mission, but continuously as unexpected hazards develop.
4. Safety stand-downs play an important role in the aftermath of a mishap. However, we must also be proactive and pause before and during the mission to perform the foundational tenets of team coordination (leadership, mission analysis, adaptability and flexibility, situational awareness, decision making communication and
assertiveness) in order to adapt to dynamic conditions.
5. We are working diligently with the safety community to continually update risk management guidance, training and tools to best support your risk assessment efforts. These tools will provide the most accurate and timely information for operators to mitigate hazards and make sound decisions. These updates will reduce mishaps if you integrate risk management into all daily routines, make risk acceptance decisions at the proper level and challenge subordinates to practice risk management at all times.  You are charged with dangerous, critically important missions, and the public relies on you. I challenge you to always remain vigilant.
6. VADM C. D. Michel, Deputy Commandant for Operations, sends.
7. Internet release authorized.







                                                     Boaters Safety Week

                                       A Message from the National Commodore
                                               National Safe Boating Week

                              Changing Public Perceptions about Boater Safety

Fellow Auxiliarists,
National Safe Boating Week (NSBW) is May 16th-22nd, 2015. It marks the culmination of months of planning for ways to best achieve our goal of providing exceptional boating safety education to America.  Our message is that education can save lives and reduce personal injury and property damage.
National Safe Boating Week kicks off the traditional boating season, giving us a great opportunity to educate the public and remind them of the importance of safe boating. Changing the public's perception of boating safety is part of job one for all of us.
The odds are that every boater will experience at least one moment where critical decisions will have to be made…decisions that may substantially affect the outcome of their day.  We know an educated boater has a much better chance of success in these emergency situations. As the premier boating safety organization, we must lead by example:
Always wear your life jacket Look for opportunities in your community to promote boating safety courses Remember, people of all ages participate in sports that happen to require a boat such as fishing, hunting, and water skiing - but they rarely think of themselves as boaters Encourage paddle craft operators to have a vessel safety check and take a paddle sports safety course
National Safe Boating Week is a time of special focus on recreational boating safety. Encourage your marine partners to join you for:
“Wear Your Life Jacket To Work Day” on May 15th “Ready Set Wear It” event on May 16th Community outreach at local lakes and parks Seminars on knot tying or recruiting
Most of all, please continue to do what you do best – to provide high-quality, boater safety education. And while you're at it, within your community and within your unit, celebrate that what you do has made a difference for the United States Coast Guard, the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the boating public.
Semper Paratus.
Mark Simoni
National Commodore
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary


Prairie du Chien Proclamation Declaring Boater's Safety Week





                                      New Diversity News letter








1. Due to the software application AUXINFO's lifecycle age, vendor
supportability, and ever increasing threshold cyber security requirements,
AUXINFO's utilization ( is in jeopardy of
being discontinued. An important test of the application is planned for
late January, 2015. Depending upon the test results, an outright
suspension, termination, or otherwise unavailability of AUXINFO may ensue.

2. This test will not impact other Auxiliary information systems,
including Auxiliary Directory, AUXDATA and sub-elements like Auxiliary
order management functions. The Chief Director's Office (CG-BSX) and the
National Executive Committee (NEXCOM) are diligently working with other
Coast Guard Headquarters program managers to minimize AUXINFO access
disruption and identify a long term solution.

3. To mitigate the negative administrative consequences of potentially
losing AUXINFO availability in late January, the downloading of needed
data like annual awards, quarterly reports, and other business processes
that are generated through AUXINFO is strongly recommended.

4. AUXINFO status updates will be periodically provided. Thank you for
your support and continued utilization of the Auxiliary administrative
tools currently available.

5. The purpose of this list is to keep Auxiliarists as well as all other
interested parties abreast of current developments, policies, manuals, etc.
All information contained herein and linked is OFFICIAL policy and

6. Internet Release and Distribution is Authorized.

7. CG-BSX sends.





Jan 10th Meeting Awards

Roger Richter receives his 5 Year Service Award from the newly appointed Flotilla Commander Steve Gress.



 Lorraine Richter receives her 5 Year Service Award


 The Richters deserve a huge round of applause for their fine 5 Years of service. During that time they founded the flotilla which both have served as Flotilla Commanders and Vice Commanders as well as held other Flotilla Staff Officer positions. Thank You for all your hard work Roger and Lorraine!!!


                   PFD Change effective Immediately




                                                                 NO MORE!


    Uniform Changes/ Updates


1. ALCGPSC 171/14 is an All-Coast Guard Personnel Service Center message
that was recently released to summarize and announce the results of Coast
Guard Uniform Board #46. The message can be viewed at the following web

2. Though targeting active duty and reserve personnel, most of the
message's sections are also applicable with respect to Auxiliary uniform
policies. The following notes explain how the sections in the message are
applicable to Auxiliary uniform policies:

1.A. Wear Foul Weather Parka (FWP) II with Service Dress Blue
Uniform: The FWP II (with or without the liner) is authorized for wear with
the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU), Tropical Blue (TB), Winter Dress Blue
(WDB), and Service Dress Blue (SDB). The trench coat remains an optional
item that may be worn with the SDB and other uniforms. However, the FWP II
provides superior weather protection.

1.B. Wear Garrison Cap with Service Dress Blue Uniform: Applicable
as written except Auxiliary unit commanders may prescribe when the
combination cap is required for Auxiliary functions (e.g., for a Change of
Watch ceremony).

1.C. Expand Wear of Optional Unit Ball Cap: Applicable as written
for Auxiliarists who are authorized by a CG unit to wear its ball cap.

1.D. Food Service Uniform: Applicable as written.

1.E. Sunglasses: Applicable as written.

1.F. Wrist Watches: Applicable as written.

1.G. Tie Tacks: Auxiliarists may wear the replicas of other U.S.
military service miniature officer, senior enlisted, junior enlisted or
other associated service insignia that they have earned. Replicas of other
U.S. military school insignia or elements thereof are authorized (e.g., U.S.
Naval Academy). Auxiliarists may only wear replicas of insignia that they
have earned while in that U.S. military service. Other tie tack
specifications apply.

1.H. Female Handbags: Applicable as written.

1.I. Female Hosiery Requirements: Applicable as written.

1.J. Wear of Small Unadorned Scrunchies: Applicable as written.

1.K. Female Shirt Seabag Options: Not applicable as Auxiliarists
do not have seabag requirements. Female Auxiliarists remain authorized to
wear either male or female uniform shirts that provide the best fit.

1.L. Aiguillettes: Not applicable as only Auxiliary District
Chiefs of Staff, and aides to the National Commodore and District
Commodores, are authorized to wear an aiguillette.

1.M. Prior Service Insignia: Not applicable as Auxiliarists are
already authorized to wear specified prior U.S. military service insignia
that they have earned.

3. Applicable adjustments will be incorporated in the next change to the
Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 (series).

4. The purpose of this list is to keep Auxiliarists as well as all other
interested parties abreast of current developments, policies, manuals, etc.
All information contained herein and linked is OFFICIAL policy and

5. Internet Release and Distribution is Authorized.

6. CG-BSX sends.

CHDIRAUX-L mailing list



TCO-PQS Telecommunications Webex   

I received the information below just last evening, Wednesday, 16 July.

Please read the e-mail below to District Captains from 8WR Commodore Richard Lawrence. In as much as each of you have expressed interest in TCO and Communications, I highly encourage each of you to register using “… and providing “…names, units, addresses, and phone numbers.” Do so as quickly as possible to assure a seat in the class. This will allow you to “pickup” from where you may have been previously. TCO is a Certification that is now a prerequisite for those seeking Communications Certification.


Jim Bertram VCDR, SO-FN
Hiawatha Division 2
Semper Paratus 


     From the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard

              Click the link below to see the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Policy Statement.



                        Announcement from Ed Menard DSO-CM

ALL SOs and FSOs

Effective 20 June, the District Communications Staff will no longer be processing handhelds or any other radio emanating less than 25 watts per direction of CWO Kvistad, OTO, DIRAUX.

Currently approved 7004s remain in effect until they lapse in due course. They are covered for loss or damage, similar to any other item, such as a fire extinguisher, tow line, or boat hook.

OPS officers were informed of this change of policy last month.

Ensure your elected leadership and members are apprised of this change as soon as possible.

Ed Menard


 Awards Given At April 2014 Meeting



 John Moore received his promotion to a new position of ADSO-MS-N  John is an assistant to the District Marine Safety officer. John has a lot of territory north of St. Louis. This is a very prestigious award!! Awesome Job John!!



Lorraine Richter received an award for 1500 sustained Auxiliary hours. She does something for the Auxiliary everyday! Congrats Lorraine!!




 Matt Hall received his certificate for his completion of his 8 hr Boaters Safety Class.

Good Job Matt!



Harland Sanderson received his 5 Year certificate of appreciation. Thanks for being one of the founding members Harland! 



         Awards Given at April's 2013 Meeting


Harold'd 5 year service award


 Harold McDonough celebrates 5 years in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Harold is our FSO-PV  and has done an excellent job! He has setup and maintained many Program Visitor locations over the years. Congratulations Harold on a job well done!!



Joanns Boater Safety award
 Joann Hampton was awarded her Boater's Safety Award. Joann had completed it over a year ago but, never receive credit for it. Joann looks pretty happy to finally receive it. Good Job Joann!!


Sully receives VE and Instructor's award 

  FSO-VE   Arthur Sullivan is awarded his Vessel Examiners and Instructors certificates. Way to go Art!! After the meeting Arthur freshed the flotilla on Vessel Exams with a power point presentation. Several changes were presented in the presentation that are new for this year’s exams. Thanks Art for making us aware of the new changes in your entertaining presentation.