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  2017-2018 Division 3 Commanders  

(Left) VCDR Larry Jensen and (Right) DCDR Barry Fox

(Photo by Jim Patterson DCAPT-EAST)


Welcome to the online home of Division 3 of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary-A Guardian of the Gulf Division.  Division 3 is one of nine divisions in District 8, (Coastal Region)-Guardians of the Gulf.  We are glad you are here and we are looking for good citizen volunteers who would like to serve their country.  Please use our links and other online content to educate yourself about the Auxiliary, Boating Safety, Hurricane Preparedness, Vessel Safety Checks, and many other important maritime topics. Thank You for visiting our site!

Division 3 is actively involved in coordinating and facilitating the activities of its 7 member flotillas in bringing our/their number one (1) goal of water and boating safety; and assisting the Coast Guard in non-law enforcement activity such as patrols and training. The USCG Auxiliary was created by Congress in 1939 as an all volunteer citizen group which would support the US Coast Guard.

Division 3 meetings are held on quarterly months of each year at various locations in lower Mississippi and Alabama usually on a Saturday. Check our Calendar on-site for times and location.  We encourage anyone interested in learning about the Coast Guard Auxiliary and our missions should contact one of the flotilla's officers (Contact information is on their website) to get the time and location of their next meeting.

We invite you to become a part of our exciting and effective all volunteer lifesaving team.



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