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Wed, 23 May 18  
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Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary's Boating Safety Outreach Directorate. We work with numerous partner organizations to promote safe boating across the nation.

Check here for the latest boating safety news. Follow the links above for valuable safety information, or visit the Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety for more resources.

If your organization wishes to collaborate with the Coast Guard Auxiliary and promote boating safety, visit our partnerships wiki, and see what we can do together.

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Boating Safety News

RBS Job One Newsletter

United States Coast GuardCoast Guard reminds paddlesport enthusiasts of cold water exposure danger – Paddlers are more exposed to the elements than boaters on power and sail craft and should wear the personal protective clothing appropriate for the water temperature…" Read more.

National Safe Boating CouncilHope in the harbor: a kayaker’s fight for rescue – Pierce desperately dug his paddles into the choppy water. Stroke after stroke, he fought the October wind as the waves battered him. He counted his strokes to stay focused, and set his eye on a goal…" Read more.

Paddle tip reflectorsAuxiliary develops paddle tip reflector kits – The Auxiliary has developed new Paddle Tip Reflector Kits to help make paddlers more visible to other boaters. Each Kit consists of a sheet of shiny, reflective plastic film, containing four reflectors…" Read more.

Featured Resource

2018 Boating Safety Calendar

2018 Boating Safety Calendar Mark your calendar for 2018 events!

The 2018 Boating Safety Calendar gives yearlong tips on safe boating behaviors, and a reminder for upcoming safe boating events.

The calendar is available online from the Safe Boating Campaign.

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