New Members



If you enjoy boating, have an interest in boating safety, or just want to learn safe boating
practices, membership in the Auxiliary might be for you.   Although we are involved in many activities off the water, boating safety is our primary focus.

The following internet links will get you started:

1) For information:
 (go to member resources, then HR Corner)
These sites contain New Member reference materials and forms.  Also, there is information on enrollment:  New Member Reference Guide, Enrollment Application (Form 7001 dated 10/12), New Member Exam and Auxiliary Uniforms (Uniform Procurement Guide).

2) To Enroll: Open the Enrollment Application site.  To fill out online, you should have PDF reader.  You will find that you cannot save the file, but you can print it.  Before you begin to fill out the enrollment form, read the instructions, pages 6 thru 8. Following  preparation online, print two copies of pages 1 thru 5. (Do not sign the forms at this time.)

Additional step in enrolling: Completion of the New Member Course Examination – this is a 30 question, multiple-choice test covering material found in a New Member Reference Guide .  Both exam and guide are located on the above sites.

Final Processing:  We will invite you to attend a Flotilla meeting to complete your enrollment.
When the date is set: 

* Bring a certified copy of your birth certificate and/or a U. S. Passport, active or expired. (See top of page 2 (form 7001) for alternate proof of citizenship. 

* Bring a check for $45 payable to the USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 12-1

* You will be fingerprinted, and a photo will be taken for your id card (please wear a light blue shirt).

* We will answer any questions you might have, and discuss the Auxiliary and membership expectations with you.   (see page 3 of the application)

John Owen
Flotilla 12-1 (Lake Marion) FSO-HR