Flotilla 12-1 Member Training

Check Calendar in left menu for latest member training opportunities.

About Core Training (AUXCT) - Link to information about Auxiliary Core Training.

Check your Status in Completing Core Training - This is updated weekly and you'll need to login and download the Excel spreadsheet.  Click on District 7 to download spreadsheet, then click on By Name to view individual reports or By Flotilla to view your own report.

Auxiliary Online Classroom (Moodle) - Link to Core Training courses and other online courses.

AUXLMS - Link other Auxiliary courses - currently listing older mandatory courses

FEMA Courses - Link to FEMA courses.

Basic Qualification Course II - Required of all new members.

C-School Schedule - Schedule of C school classes..

National Training Compendium - Comprehensive list of all Auxiliary training classes

Other Training Opportunities

Auxiliary Training at station 

Operations training at station