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Student Programs

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JeanneMarie C. McNamara
Director, Dir-S
Bruce C. Johnson
Bruce C. Johnson
Deputy Director, Dir-Sd

Working with stakeholders across the Coast Guard, both active duty and Auxiliary, the Student Programs Directorate promotes the Coast Guard as a career or volunteer opportunity to America's future leaders. 

Our Three Watchwords: Engage - Educate - Energize

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." John Quincy Adams. We are about making the Coast Guard leaders of tomorrow! 

The three Student Programs' Divisions 

Auxiliary Academy Admissions Partners (AAAP - est. 1970s) are volunteers for the Coast Guard Academy Admissions Office, located in New London, Connecticut. They recruit, interview, and assist in recommending candidates for admission. Currently there are approximately 300 USCG Auxiliary Academy Admissions Partners serve along with about 900 other Academy Admissions Partners (AAP), who include alumni and other active duty and reserve personnel, parents of students, retired military from other services, educators and others committed to ensuring the future of the Coast Guard. Partners attend college fairs, congressionally-sponsored service academy events, and present appointments certificates at graduation award ceremonies. Partners visit high school guidance counselors, coaches, civic organizations, and community youth organizations, as well as math and science teachers. In addition, Partners may visit with prospective cadets and their families to share information about the admissions process and the student experience. They also conduct interviews with qualified applicants in their local areas. In addition, Partners can become involved with the week-long summer Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) program for rising high school seniors. AIM provides a challenging and rewarding opportunity for college-bound high school students who are considering becoming an officer in the Coast Guard by completing both the academic and leadership programs of the Coast Guard Academy. More than 500 of the most qualified and diverse high school rising seniors are selected for the AIM program each year. Selected AAP assist the cadet cadre (Academy 2nd class cadets) during each AIM week. They stand watches in the operations center; assisting engineering sessions, acting as duty drivers, performing hospital runs and helping wherever else needed. Division Code: SP

Auxiliary University Programs (AUP - est. 2007) is a world-class educator of leaders in service, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. AUP originates from students at The College of William & Mary, The Citadel, and Auburn University creating Auxiliary college programs on their campuses in the late 2000s for students interested in commissioning into the Coast Guard. Since then, the program has grown to a presence in over 50 colleges and universities across the nation. While the Coast Guard does not have an ROTC program, AUP provides an experience akin to ROTC in that it provides both academic and practical leadership and other technical training. Students in the program may apply for a commission to the Coast Guard, but do not have to commit to post-graduation plans while in the program nor does the Coast Guard provide scholarships like ROTC programs. Graduates of the program who seek commissions, have a significant advantage, with acceptance rates over 70% for OCS compared to a 3% selection rate for nonaffiliated individuals applying. Division Code: SU

Youth Programs (YP - est. 2018) facilitates collaborative programs that excite, inspire, and encourage young people to become part of Team Coast Guard - the best-trained, most-valued maritime organization in the world. It originates from a 2018 partnership between the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Boy Scouts of America which designated BSA’s Sea Scout program as the Auxiliary’s official youth program. All Sea Scouts and their leaders are associate members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association. Coed students, ranging from 14-21 years of age, now have the opportunity to cross-train with the Auxiliary, thereby earning both Sea Scout ranks and Auxiliary qualifications. Sea Scouts promotes better citizenship and improves members’ boating skills through instruction and practice in water safety. Sea Scouts enhances scouts' boating skills, outdoor, social, and service experiences as well as developing their knowledge of our maritime heritage. Ideally this exposure to the water will translate into a life dedicated to protecting our marine environment and waterways. Auxiliary flotillas and divisions are encouraged to fully integrate the Sea Scouts into their ongoing mission and are permitted to charter Sea Scout units, called “Ships.” Sea Scouts can train with the Auxiliary and have contributed more than 15,000 hours of service annually to the Auxiliary mission. Division Code: SY

Our Logo: The Student Programs logo fittingly represents the directorate's missions. The Compass Rose points to the Directorate's guiding students on their leadership journey. Wise leaders support the foundation of all three of our programs and a Book of Knowledge represents the foundation that these leaders create. A Quill represents the learning experience of students, and a Trident represents the emphasis on seamanship. The Lamp symbolizes the passion of students to learn and desire to serve our nation through the Coast Guard and its Auxiliary. The Emerging Eagle represents the students' growth through the Directorate's programs to become leaders in their own right. Finally, the Ring around these items represents our unbroken commitment to the students we serve.