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WOW Website Features

WHY WE LOVE WOW (Websites without Webmasters)


  • Provides every unit of the Auxiliary with a modern, attractive website with no programming required.
  • Users can concentrate on the content of their website rather than the design.
  • WOW dynamically links to AuxDirectory to automatically update unit staff members.
  • Meeting locations and times are pulled directly from the unit table.
  • WOW websites have a familiar, branded U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary appearance.
  • Important pulldown menus and links to Recruiting, Leadership, Member Services, National Directorates, Units, the Association, Coast Guard, and NTAS and MARSEC alerts are included on every WOW page.
  • Every WOW website comes with select built-in menu items, including unit information, links to division and district websites, unit staff list, and the National Help Desk.
  • Pages within a WOW website can be accessible to the public or protected for viewing by members only.  They can also be designated as role-based, so that they are visible only to members holding selected offices or qualifications.  Pages can also be hidden for developmental purposes.
  • Announcements on pages can be date-tagged to appear and/or disappear for time-sensitive events.
  • Links can be placed either on the left menu column or within an announcement to other websites, PDF documents, etc.
  • Photos can easily be inserted into announcements.
  • The Public Education calendar can be added to the left column menu to give access to a ZIP code searchable database of upcoming PE classes.  PE officers can enter their own unit’s classes on this page, and the system will automatically generate an “Intent to Teach” form which is sent electronically to the district, as well as a PDF flyer for the course which includes a map of the class location.
  • For experienced HTML coders, access is available to generate announcements on pages with HTML code as opposed to the built-in WYSIWYG editor.
  • Calendar pages from Google and other providers can be inserted into a calendar page on the website.


There are just a few of the many features available in the WOW platform.