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New FSO-IS & FSO-CS Staff

Welcome newly appointed Flotilla Staff officers for CS and IS. You have accepted positions that are critical to the operation of your units and the Auxiliary as a whole. Welcome aboard!

Pathways to success

We come to CS and IS with a wide variety of personal and Auxiliary expertise. There are a number of "pathways to success" that can make you successful while minimizing unnecessary effort and frustration. We encourage you to explore a mix of these pathways and chart a course to success.

Read Up!

The first step in your new office is to read the manuals and documents that pertain to your office.

Get Mentored

Hopefully the outgoing officer can help you get acclimated to your new role. The outgoing officer is most likely to be familiar with the particular challenges in your unit. A few hints:

  • Have a handover meeting to get the existing records and to discuss the processes and procedures used within your Flotilla, Division, and District. Review your job description with the outgoing officer.
  • Think about your processes ahead of time. What will you do? When will you do it? How will you report back to your unit leadership? Talk to the outgoing officer to see if your plans make sense.
  • Solicit ongoing mentoring from the outgoing officer for the first few months.

Contact your SO

A good working relationship with the Division SO is critical. Some Divisions may never have had a chance to meet this individual. Reach out and get to know them. Find out how they do their job and what "local knowledge" they can impart.

Talk to your Flotilla Leadership

Find out what kind of reporting/input your FC and VFC expect. CS officers, determine how you will get approval for website material. IS officers, determine what reporting you can provide to facilitate the management of the Flotilla.

Attend staff meetings and produce requested reports to keep the lines of communication open.

Talk to your fellow IS/CS officers

Are you having a problem? Does something just not make sense? You are probably not alone. Talk to your fellow IS/CS officers from other flotillas. Talk to you SO. Talk to your District Staff Officer. Talk to your predecessors in the position.

Call for help when you need it

A great resource which also answers most CS related questions is the CS Guide. Remember that in a properly functioning unit we are all communicating with each other. If you have problems ask for help -- don't let problems pile up!