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IS Officer Duties

FSO-IS Officer Duties

a. Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all matters pertaining to AUXDATA II.

b. Ensure that all members are aware of the importance of timely and accurate data reporting. Keep flotilla members informed of AUXDATA II developments.

c. Be familiar with the content of the Auxiliary Staff Forms Warehouse and the procedures for members to follow when submitting AUXDATA II-related forms.

d. Maintain very close liaison with the SO-IS in order to insure members receive proper credit for their reportable activities.

e. Keep the members, FSO-VE, FSO-PE, FSO-OP, FSO-MT advised of progress in each of their areas of responsibility.

f. Maintain records required to effectively discharge your responsibilities.

g. Coordinate with SO-IS to provide timely feedback to members on specific information concerning member submission errors in order to reduce processing and transaction error recovery time in AUXDATA II.

h. Assist members in the correction of AUXDATA II errors. Emphasize the importance of members keeping copies of their input data.

i. Retain a yearly file to ensure that data reported by members was entered into AUXDATA II and as a historical reference file to answer member questions relating to their reported activities.

j. Conduct training sessions to promote better understanding of AUXDATA II and AUXDATA II procedures.

k. Be prepared to develop a report, when requested, on member activity in the Vessel Examination (VE), OP, Instructor, or MT programs.