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CS Officer Duties

FSO-CS Officer Duties

a. Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over electronic communication services for the flotilla. Keep the flotilla informed of all developments in these areas.

b. Unless otherwise directed, create and maintain a flotilla website that is in full compliance with the national web site checklists.

c. Maintain a personal e-mail account and Internet access. Keep your contact information up-to-date in AuxDirectory.

d. Foster interest in electronic communication among the members. Encourage and facilitate the use of electronic communication throughout the flotilla.

e. Coordinate and cooperate with the FSO-PB and FSO-PA to ensure that both electronic and printed media are used to their fullest extent in providing information to the membership and to the boating public.

f. Regularly monitor your local district, division and flotilla websites for official information posted for members by elected or staff officers.

g. Regularly attend flotilla meetings and report on official information obtained from the web to members who do not have access to electronic media.

h. Maintain close liaison with the Division Communication Services Officer (SO-CS) and provide a monthly activity report to the SO-CS.

i. Upon expiration of your term of office, transfer all property and records of the office as well as the flotilla website login credentials to your successor.