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T DIR Services to District Leadership

T DIR & Districts: Working Together for Tomorrow

The Training Directorate seeks to form positive collaborative relationships across the Auxiliary organization to create, improve, and provide high-quality full-spectrum training for our most valuable assets - our members. To do this, the Training Directorate has taken steps to expand its outreach to all organizational levels below national to provide expertise and assistance where needed. Led by Vincent Abel, DVC-TX, our district liaison team works closely with the district staff officers- member training to ensure that the directorate is supporting our shipmates in all of their member training needs as best as we are able.


1.) Support to elected officers in all facets of training and leadership. If you have a question or idea about training, leadership development, or the AUXOP program we are here to provide whatever insight we are able.

2.) Support to member training officers at all levels. We're all after the same thing: making our organization the best trained volunteer force multiplier organization in the world. To that end, the Training Directorate seeks to build up our relationships and coordination with member training officers at all levels of the organization through our district liaison team to support better member training.

3.) Creation of exportable training courses for use at the division and flotilla levels by any instructor via the Deckplate Training Series.

4.) Management of the Operational Auxiliarist (AUXOP) training program and curriculum.

5.) Management of the Auxiliary Leadership Development Program, including all leadership c-schools and leadership competency training programs.

6.) Management of Auxiliary participation in the Coast Guard Mentorship Program. This unique opportunity enables our members to fully participate in the Coast Guard Mentorship Program providing outstanding opportunities to mentor and be mentored by active, reserve, and retired Coast Guard personnel from across the world and throughout the Coast Guard team.

7.) Management of the Auxiliary Online Classroom (Moodle). As we move away from multiple antiquated learning management and training management systems, the Training Directorate has assumed management of our new, user-friendly, training management system that provides our members with state of the art learning and training capabilities backed by research that shows successful adult learning outcomes. This is a huge step toward modernizing the Auxiliary training systems.

8.) Management of the Training Innovation Hub. Our training is only as fresh and useful as our ideas, and to expand our training offerings to ensure we are meeting the needs of our ever-changing organization, the Training Directorate has launched the Training Innovation Hub (TIH) where members can submit ideas for improved or completely new training via a simple google form found here: Training Innovation Hub.