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Auxiliary Core Training (AUXCT)

Mon, 03 Jan 22  

Auxiliary Core Training (AUXCT) is a series of training courses focused on supporting Coast Guard Auxiliarists’ assignment and performance of duties. The Coast Guard is required to ensure that its Auxiliarists are appropriately trained, tested, and found competent before being assigned to duty. The course selection is a minimum baseline of organizational familiarity and expectation supporting this goal. The value of this training has formed the core of every Auxiliarist’s pledge and commitment to support the Coast Guard and abide by its governing policies.

AUXCT contains a series of courses that members must take as a one-time requirement upon joining the Auxiliary or recertify once every five years.

AUXCT Course Requirements:

Repeatable Courses: To be completed by the end of the first full year of enrollment and then once every five years after that:

(1) Workforce Resilience Training (502379)
(2) Security Fundamentals (810030)
(3) Privacy at DHS: Protecting Personal Information (810015)
(4) Sexual Harassment Prevention (810000)
(5) Civil Rights Awareness (502319)

One-time Courses: To be completed only once (new enrollees must complete them by the end of the first full year of enrollment):

(6) Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts (502306).
And the recently added:
(7) Basic Qualification Course II (BQC II). This AUXCT requirement only applies to Auxiliarists enrolled after February 1, 2018.

Over time, there have been changes to some course requirements that have made up the AUXCT series, but the courses above reflect the current requirements.

AUXCT Training

Both AUXCT courses and the BQC II course materials are located on the Coast Guard Auxiliary Online Classroom at:

Records in AUXDATA II
As members, complete each course and pass the quiz with 90% or greater, a certificate of completion will be issued. This result will be automatically uploaded to your ADII training file within approximately 1 week after completing the training. The member should maintain the certificate of course completion in the event it is needed.